Where Is Harmony Montgomery – What Happened To Her? Details To Know

Harmony Montgomery https://www.facebook.com/search/posts/?q=Harmony%20Montgomery%20new%20hampshire Credit: Manchester Police Department

Where Is Harmony Montgomery – What Happened To Her? Details To Know

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Harmony Montgomery, a 7 years girl, who went missing in late 2019 from Manchester, New Hemisphere is still missing and the police have still no details regarding the missing of the child. 

The missing case of Harmony Montgomery has been one of the mysterious cases in the hand of Manchester Police. They are still searching for any clue that could lead to the baby girl.

The police have done a thorough investigation in the past but did not find anything, so they have again started investigation from the last location Harmony was seen, a home on Gilford Street in Manchester.

What Happened To Harmony Montgomery – Where Is She?

Harmony was 5 years old when she went missing in 2019 and after that, the police started to search her; however, not even a single clue was found that could lead to her.

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The police have applied all of their resources for the girl’s search, but still, nothing has been found. The police recently started to re-investigate from the last location Harmony was seen; however, there has been no release to the public about any new findings.

The reward of nearly $100,000 is announced for the information about her whereabouts. The police have given number 603-203-6060, where anyone could call with the child’s information.


Harmony Montgomery Case Update

Harmony Montgomery’s missing case has been one of the unsolved cases. Relating to the case the police have searched multiple times in her last known location where she resided.

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However, there has been no new lead known to the public. The police have arrested Harmony’s father on various charges, including failing to keep Harmony in custody, which he was granted. He is also suspected to be involved in the kid’s missing.

The missing kid’s stepmom is also under police custody for welfare fraud because the couple received the food stamps even though Harmony was no longer living with them. Both of the Montgomery couples have pleaded not guilty.

Harmony Montgomery Parents: Her Mother And Father Revealed

Harmony Montgomery’s biological parents’ are Crystal Sorey and Adam Montgomery. However, the kid’s custody was given to Adam because of Crystal’s addiction, but Adam also had drug issues and criminal records.

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Crystal is now sober and she is seeking her daughter, nowhere to be found. Crystal also has another child, Jamison, who has been adopted by Johnathon Miller and Blair Miller through foster care.

Jamison was deeply affected by the missing of his sister, so Miller’s brought his mother closer to him to ensure that he won’t be strange by his sister’s missing news. As the investigation moves forward, it can be expected more insight into the missing case will come.


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