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Where Is Colin Pitchfork Now? Jail Sentence And Arrest Charges -Age & Wiki

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Where Is Colin Pitchfork Now? Jail Sentence And Arrest Charges -Age & Wiki



Double child murderer Colin Pitchfork is once again arrested and sent back to prison for harmful behavior. Where is he now?

Colin Pitchfork is a double child killer and rapist from England. He was the first convict arrested by using DNA profiling. The murderer is infamously known for killing 2 girls in nearby Leicestershire villages. 

He was recently released a few months ago from prison but is taken into custody after he started showing alarming behaviors.

Authorities did not disclose what he had done. But according to BBC, Pitchfork was arrested when he was found approaching younger females. 

Where Is Colin Pitchfork Now?

Pitchfork got out of jail 33 years after his sentence came to an end this September. But he was recalled to prison on Friday, 19 November 2021.

Police were strictly observing him after his release as per his license conditions. The police arrested him after they caught him approaching younger women.

The murderer could be put behind bars again, and his case will be referred to the Parole Board, and a parole hearing will be announced soon.

The board will decide whether Pitchfork should be held in prison, sent to an open jail, or be set free.

Netizens are saying that the murderer should not be released as he could be a danger to society once again.

Colin Pitchfork Jail Sentence And Arrest Charges

Pitchfork’s first murder took place in November 1983 in Narborough, Blaby district, and the second in Enderby in July of 1986. A year later, on 19 September, he was arrested and sentenced to a lifetime in prison.

The judge gave the double murderer a 30-year minimum term, but it was reduced to 28 years after his appeal.

He pleaded guilty to both murders on 22 January 1988 and was allowed parole in June this year.

How Old Is Colin Pitchfork? Wikipedia Explored

Colin Pitchfork’s age is currently 61 years old as he was born on 23 March 1960 in Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

The killer has a dedicated Wikipedia page that has detailed information on his gruesome murders.

He went to a local school in Market Bosworth and Desford. In 1981 he got married to a social worker and later moved to Littlethorpe. The convict has 2 sons.

Before his marriage, he was arrested for indecent exposure and had been admitted for therapy in the Carlton Hayes Hospital. He used to work in Hampshires Bakery in Leicester as an apprentice until he was convicted for his crimes.

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