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Where Is Catherine Suh Today? Wikipedia, Biography, Parents And Boyfriend

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Where Is Catherine Suh Today? Wikipedia, Biography, Parents And Boyfriend


Where is Catherine Suh today? Andrew Suh sister is serving a life sentence at Honolulu prison.

The recent dateline episode features Catherine Suh and the horrific crimes she committed. She allegedly manipulated her own brother to kill her boyfriend.

Where Is Catherine Suh Today? Discover Her on Wikipedia

Catherine Suh is serving a life sentence at Honolulu prison today.

Suh turned herself to the police in January 1996, after being a subject of America’s Most Wanted episode. She was eventually given a life sentence without parole by Cook County Criminal Court Judge John E. Morrissey.

In addition, the judge also ordered a 30-year sentence for armed robbery accusations. Moreover, Catherine reportedly received two more years for attacking prison staff after 4 months in prison.

She is awaiting extradition to Chicago soon. Furthermore, Catherine Suh is aged 35 years old as of 2021.

On the other hand, brother, Andrew Suh, is serving Dixon Correctional Center. He received a 100-year prison sentence and can be eligible for parole in 2034.

Catherine Suh doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography yet. But, Catherine Suh was featured in the new Dateline episode.

Learn About Catherine Suh Parents

Catherine Suh was born to her parents Yoon Myunt and Elizabeth Suh. 

Both Yoon and Elizabeth were native to South Korea. Catherine Suh and her family moved to America, Chicago when she was just 7 years old. Similarly, they ran dry-cleaning stores.

When Catherine was a teenager, Yoon passed away from cancer. On the other hand, her relationship with Elizabeth became contentious due to her American lover.

In 1987, Elizabeth was murdered in her own dry-cleaning shop. Though some accuse Catherine of the crime, the case remains unsolved.

After the death of her both parents, Catherine Suh became the only guardian to her brother Andrew Suh.

Who Was Cathrine Suh’s Boyfriend?

Catherine Suh’s boyfriend was Robert O’Dubaine.

The couple bought Glenview nightclub and started a business called Princess Entertainment and Queen’s World Investments. However, their relationship degraded over the years – leading to the tragedy.

On Sept. 25, 1993, Andrew shot Robert to death. Both brother and sisters were arrested for the murder. However, Catherine was released soon after.


Catherine continued to live a luxurious life in Hawaii with a new name and identity. Eventually, she came clean to the FBI.

It was later revealed that Catherine had manipulated her brother to murder Robert in order to bag his $250,000 USD life insurance.

Today, Andrew hopes for a second chance. He has reportedly earned certificates and is a model inmate in prison.

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