When Was Nicole Harper Car Accident? Arkansas Lawsuit 2021

When Was Nicole Harper Car Accident? Arkansas Lawsuit 2021

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Nicole Harper is an Arkansas woman who sued the police after being chased down for some time. When did the car accident happen? Here’s a total update on her. 

Nicole Harper immediately became known to the country when she sued Arkansas police over being chased. She was pregnant at the time and went to her house thinking that her unborn child had died but fortunately her daughter is alive.

The case was open for around one and half years until the settlement occurred today. Denton and Zachary, PLLC confirmed that their client, Nicole Harper has reached an agreement with the Arkansas State Police.

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When Did Nicole Harper Car Accident Happen? Everything To Know

Nicole Harper’s car accident happened on July 9, 2020.

Going into details, she was 2 months pregnant at the time. Her car was flipped on its top by a state trooper. As a result, the woman was injured and she thought that the accident took her unborn child as well.

But fortunately, her child didn’t suffer the fate she feared. However, she did sue the Arkansas State Police and the case went on for around a year and a half. The settlement between them has reached finally in November 2021.

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Nicole Harper Arkansas Lawsuit 2021: What Happened?

Nicole Harper PIT maneuver lawsuit was the topic of discussion for a very long time until the agreement was reached in November 2021.

The 38-year-old Arkansas woman, Nicole Harper sued the state police for risking her life and the life of her unborn daughter. The case gained nationwide recognition and remained open for more than a year.

The details of the agreement are yet to be released but Harper’s lawyers have confirmed that the agreement between the two parties has already been reached.

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Also, the case was very much discussed on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter as well.

Nicole Harper Children And Family: Is She On Instagram?

Nicole Harper has a daughter who is almost a year old at the moment.

However, there is not much information known about her family and parents at the moment. The 38-year-old did a good job to keep herself out of the spotlight after all the drama.

Unforunately, Nicole Harper is not present on Instagram.

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