What Was Stephen McDaniel Motive Behind Lauren Giddings Murder? Age And Release Date

What Was Stephen McDaniel Motive Behind Lauren Giddings Murder? Age And Release Date


What was Stephen McDaniel’s motive behind Lauren Giddings’ murder? Discover the most recent updates on the case.

Stephen McDaniel is a Georgia man who has been convicted of murder.

Lauren Giddings, a law student, was killed in 2011. He pleaded guilty to her murder.

Stephen, a native of Lilburn, Georgia, was a Mercer Law School student.

Lauren Giddings was a classmate of his while he was a law student. The assailant happened to be the victim’s next-door neighbor.

Through his blog post, Stephen McDaniel admitted to having a profound dislike for women. During his high school years, he tormented girls and posted posts about women’s brutality and torture.

McDaniel claimed that he had asked Lauren out on a date. She turned him down because she was already involved with someone else. In reality, McDaniel stated he had no reason to murder the poor woman.

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Lauren was murdered on June 26, 2011. According to the evidence, he broke into her flat early in the morning.

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Stephan eventually strangled the poor lady to death. All of her limbs had been hacked off when her body pieces were discovered in a dumpster.

Eventually, Giddings lost contact with her friends and family. She had been missing for more than four days.

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Giddings subsequently lost touch with her friends and family. She had been absent for over four days.

Her closed eyes were broken when she was discovered dead inside a dumpster.

Moreover, Giddings’ dismembered and slaughtered human torso was discovered first. Her head was still nowhere to be found. After days of examinations and exams, it was discovered that the torso belonged to Giddings.

What Is Stephen McDaniel Age?

McDaniel’s current age is 41 years old in 2022.

McDaniel was born in 1981 and was 31 years old at the time of his conviction.

Glenda and Mark Mcdaniel, his parents, both industrial workers, raised him. His father, a Ph.D. holder, went on to become a painter.

Despite this, Stephen’s poor parents never had enough time for him. They were completely taken aback when they learned of their son’s horrible deed.

Stephen McDaniel moved to Valdosta State Prison https://t.co/xLRD87QzZO pic.twitter.com/jKvlMJW4qk

— 13WMAZ News (@13wmaznews) January 7, 2016

What Is Stephen McDaniel Release Date?

As a result of the plea deal, Stephen McDaniel will not be eligible for parole consideration until 2041.

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Stephen McDaniel Valdosta State Prison: Where Is He Now?

Stephen McDaniel is receiving a life sentence for the horrific murder of Lauren Giddings.

In 2014, a judge sentenced Stephen to life in jail after authorities discovered evidence linking him to Gidding’s murder. He was up for parole in 30 years.

In 2016, he was moved to Valdosta State prison.  However, Stephen was imprisoned at Georgia’s Hancock State Prison in 2021.


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