What Was Mel Lastman Net Worth At The Time Of His Death? Meet The Family Of The Former Mayor of Toronto

What Was Mel Lastman Net Worth At The Time Of His Death? Meet The Family Of The Former Mayor of Toronto


Mel Lastman’s debated net worth at the time of his death reached its upper peak of $2 million. Find more about the politician.

Mel Lastman was a former businessman and reputed politician better known as ‘Mayor Mel’.

His youth advocacy and vow for social upliftment earned him enough respect and supporters during his early political career.

Similarly, Mel’s side business and investments also helped him aggregate greater wealth to his overall value.

Mel has been revered as one of the most notable and honorable mayors in Toronto’s history.

He served at the higher post of New York City mayor from 1973 through 1997.

During his tenure, he was evident of Metropolitan Toronto becoming the City of Toronto and then led the newly amalgamated city from 1998 through 2003.

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What Was Mel Lastman Net Worth At The Time Of His Death?

Successful politician and a robust businessman, Mel Lastman flaunted a massive net worth of $1.5 million at the time of his death.

Mel was pretty active in the business scene and invested in multiple stocks, startups, and co-partnered many ventures.

His net worth was valued at $850k during his initial scout report from political earnings.

After some years and the pandemic phase, his worth increased by some round figures to reach its base of $1.2 million and then shifted to the higher $1.5 million mark.

His business portfolio always looked good and he was a brilliant analyst and entrepreneur during his initial career phase.

Mel entered politics with a vow of service and transparency.

He served for the New York mayor post during the period of city shifting and aggregation.

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His office tenure when Toronto amalgamated caused him to serve at the highest post for the city.

His Bad Boy Furniture Chain company was established in 1955 and has been a robust business and production company to date.

Mel was a visionary leader and was never involved in any sort of controversies.

This led him to become the true icon and definition of high authority among the supporters from his stationed place or region.

Take A Look At Politician Mel Lastman’s Beautiful Wife Marilyn Lastman

Mel Latman was married to his loving wife Marilyn Lastman in 1952.

The pair has been the utmost strengthened for of love-bond and they have been inseparable since their marriage for over 4 decades.

Marilyn lost her life to a short illness on January 1, 2020.

She was 84 years old at the time of her death.

Mel died on December 11, 2021, aged 88, and left behind a gaping hole in the political scene, that would surely take years to properly fill after his absence.

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Who Comprises Mel Lastman’s Family?

Mel Lastman was survived by his loving wife Marilyn in their New York residence home.

She left the world in 2020 and Mel felt all alone in the vast and rough world.

Mel carved an infidelity climax after he released a joint statement with his wife that he had a 14-year long extra-marital affair.

Mel was involved with his Bad Boy Furniture’s past employee Grace Louie.

Grace and her two sons sued him for not providing enough child support for them.

The case proceeded with a take on Mel’s real estate shares but he won the case and denied any responsibility toward the children.

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