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What Kind Of Cancer Does Dick Vitale Have? Update On His Health And Illness

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What Kind Of Cancer Does Dick Vitale Have? Update On His Health And Illness


Dick Vitale was diagnosed with two different cancers at the age of 82. He gets emotional during the first broadcast since his cancer diagnosis.

Dick Vitale is a retired basketball coach and sports broadcaster. He is well known for his tenure as a college basket broadcaster for ESPN.

The broadcaster has been awarded the 2019 Sports Emmy Award for his longtime contribution. Vitale has also appeared in several movies.

Furthermore, he has written nine different books in his career. Some of his popular writings are Time Out Baby, Tourney time, and many more.

Vitale has returned to broadcasting after two successful treatments for cancer. Let us find out more about the legendary ESPN broadcaster.

Dick Vitale Is Battling Cancer In His Eighties

Dick Vitale is diagnosed with Lymphoma. It is a cancer of the lymphatic system that destroys the body’s germ fight ability.

The 82-year-old former head coach had revealed about the disease in October 2021.

Vitale took leave for six rounds of chemotherapy. However, he was given Ok by his doctors.

The broadcaster has been treating his disease at the Sarasota Memorial in Florida.

Just making final prep for game @espn 10 EST # 1 GONZAGA – #2 UCLA – to be honest on Oct 12 when given the cancer diagnosis I never thought that I would be at courtside tonight / ur 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️ have helped so so much . To ALL of u in any battle “Don’t ever believe in can’t”!

— Dick Vitale (@DickieV) November 23, 2021

Dick Vitale with his falling age was also diagnosed with melanoma. In August 2021, he announced about being treated with the skin disease.

For the treatment, the Hall of Famer had to go through multiple surgeries. He was declared cancer-free at the time.

Just months after he was diagnosed with melanoma, he had to go for Lymphoma treatment.

For now, Vitale is treating both the disease with steroids and chemotherapy. He has a 90-percent cure rate, as mentioned by his doctors.

Moreover, the former coach has been a longtime supporter of the V Foundation for Cancer Research. He also hosts a yearly gala for pediatric cancer research.

— ESPN (@espn) November 24, 2021

Dick Vitale Emotional Return After Cancer Treatment

Dick Vitale has returned to broadcasting after his cancer treatment for the second time. He got very emotional during the game between No 1. Gonzaga and No. 2 UCLA.

The broadcaster did not want to cry, however, after surviving two deadly cancers he couldn’t stop his tears.

Everybody on the set was very happy to see the legend. Gonzaga gave him a jersey with “Dickie V” written on it and UCLA gifted him a shirt that said: “Never Give Up”.

The ESPN analyst has provided words of encouragement to all. He seems very excited to be back where he belongs.

Vitale started his broadcasting career in 1979. He is currently serving ESPN for its 43rd season.

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