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What Is Anita Manning Illness? Antiques Road Trip Host Health Update 2021

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What Is Anita Manning Illness? Antiques Road Trip Host Health Update 2021

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Anita Manning is a Scottish antique dealer and television personality. Get to know everything about her recent illness and health update 2021. 

Bargain Hunt showrunner, Anita Manning has been quite inactive on television recently which has left fans wondering about her health. Almost after 5 decades of hard work and dedication, Anita has become one of the most prestigious antique dealers for the time being.

Best known for BBC’s famous show, Antiques Road Trip, the dealer has also appeared in Flog It and Bargain Hunt. However, the 73-year-old has not been on television that much recently. Get to know what happened to her.

Anita Manning Illness and health update 2021

Anita Manning has not suffered from any serious illness that we know of.

The last time she spoke on camera, the television personality looked in good health. Also, she has not released any further updates on her illness if she has any. So it is safe to presume that Manning is in good health and shining like ever.

However, there are few rumors on the internet that imply that Manning’s health has deteriorated. The claims arose due to her recent weight loss.

We have not received any news confirming such claims until now. We will update you more in the future.

Antiques Road Trip Host Wikipedia And Age

Anita Manning is best known for being the host of Antiques Road Trip. She has a well-dedicated Wikipedia biography as well.

Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, Manning is arguably the first woman auctioneer in the country. The 73-year-old celebrates her birthday on December 1 every year.

Prior to her career as an antique expert, she worked as a teacher. But her passion for antiques was never out of her heart and it is a blessing that she finally pursued it. As of now, Manning is one of the most famous antique TV personalities in England.

Anita Manning Parents And Children: Get To Know Her Family

Anita Manning’s parents are the reason she fell in love with antiques.

According to her interview, her father used to take her to many antiques shops when she was a child.

Moving on, Anita Manning is married and has children as well. She runs the Glasgow auction house with her daughter, Lala. Her son lives in HongKong.

We will update more facts about her husband and children soon.


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