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What Illness Does TV Presenter Rav Wilding Have? His Health Update Family Net Worth

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What Illness Does TV Presenter Rav Wilding Have? His Health Update Family Net Worth


Rav Wilding is a British TV presenter and a former police officer diagnosed with a motor-skills disorder. Let us learn more about Rav Wilding  Illness, family, and net worth in this article.

Rav Wilding was born in Canterbury, Kent, the second of five children of a Mauritian father and an English mother, working as nurses.

He went to Sittingbourne, Kent’s Fulston Manor School.

After a family separation, Wilding had to leave home early because social housing would not accept him to live with his mother and younger siblings after he turned 16.

Wilding joined the military at the age of 17 after completing an apprenticeship in the dry lining.

In 2016, he shot Ill-Gotten Gains, a five-part BBC One series that followed police and proceeds of crime experts as they seized offenders’ assets after conviction and saw them auctioned off to raise money for the public good. Again, he shared the stage with Angellica Bell.

In December 2016, he presented Christmas City for BBC One daytime.

Rav Wilding Health Update

Rav Wilding has spoken out about his struggles throughout his life before being diagnosed with a motor-skills condition.

According to the TV host, he “just sort of struggled on” until he was diagnosed correctly a couple of years ago.

Because of how Rav’s brain works due to dyspraxia, also known as developmental coordination disorder, the former Crimewatch host stated it was difficult to participate in a new craft competition program (DCD).

“I’ve got this issue called dyspraxia, so I have a hand-eye coordination disorder,” Wilding told the Press Association. I’m dyslexic as well; however, dyspraxia is similar to dyslexia in that it affects the hands.

Dyspraxia is a condition in which brain impulses are not accurately conveyed to the body, affecting movement planning and coordination. The causes of dyspraxia remain unknown.

Rav Wilding Family

More information about the relationship Ray Wilding previously had a four-month relationship with Chantelle Houghton.

After a tumultuous and public spat, the couple called it quits. After the argument in London’s Richmond Park, Ray tweeted that he had drawn a line in the relationship.

Chantelle, a former Big Brother contestant, burst into tears as a result of this. He had a relationship with Jill Morgan, the celebrity producer of ‘Loose Women’.

The couple is now engaged after seven months of dating.

Jill announced the fantastic news via Twitter. He has no children from any of his previous partnerships.

Rav Wilding Net Worth

Rav gained prominence after resigning from his employment as a police officer to become the host of BBC Crimewatch in 2004.

Rav is estimated to be worth £770,000.

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