What Happened To Tevan Gevorkian? Death and Obituary: Drug Overdose and Arick Gevorkian Gofundme

What Happened To Tevan Gevorkian? Death and Obituary: Drug Overdose and Arick Gevorkian Gofundme

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Tevan Gevorkian, an eagle scout for La Canada High School died sadly on December 5, 2021. Find more about the volunteer and community leader.

Tevan was known for his Eagle Scout project where he painted all the Basketball courts to save the extra money the college had to assign for the task.

His paint job also helped everyone directly associated with the use of the court, either for games or just hanging out during breaks.

When the school committee looked deeper into the young scout’s approach, they found Tevan equally fit for Eagle Scout Awards.

Although the award ceremony was done in digital media, he will be receiving the prestigious award on stage under grand presence.

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Tevan’s death has caused a striking absence from the High School premises and among the groups of social service, he was involved with.

What Happened To Tevan Gevorkian?

Tevan Gevorkian has been reported dead through his family statement on December 5, 2021.

His father Arick also commented on the sudden demise by stating the fact that his son was a born winner and always ascended to the peaks of success throughout his life.

The actual cause of death has not been stated by the family and authentic reports may follow after the funeral proceedings.

Tevan was linked with the Eagle Scout for the Ararat Chapter, he panted the Basketball courts for the athletes and to save college funds in that maintenance work.

Tevan’s main motive was to allocate High School funds towards further community upliftment by cutting the expenses in internal repair through his solo work.

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On April 24, 2020, Tevan was honored by the Eagle Scout Award, the highest-ranked honor in scouting.

This virtual indexing happened on the eve of candle night vigil for the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

With the Zoom meet event, Tevan became the first-ever Virtual Scout and the 31st member of the high Eagle Scout.

Tevan was subjected to BSA Eagle Board Review and was honored with such a prestigious award after an interview session.

Tevan Gevorkian Death and Obituary Report

Tevan Gevorkian’s death cause and Obituary data have not been updated as of yet but the young scout was a cherished character throughout his High School.

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His death news first surface online on December 5, 2021.

Nearly, a year after the prestigious Eagle Scout indexing after meeting the general requirements for the position, Tevan sadly took his last breath in his family home.

Detailed Update On Arick Gevorkian’s Gofundme

The association of father Arick in the fundraising has not been stated pellucidly but Tevan’s demise has instigated a revered funeral raising.

The ‘Gofundme’ indexed Homenetmen fun raising has already gathered $39198out of the targeted $50000 mark.



Leon Voskanian and Andy Kozanian have been assigned the duty of this fundraising campaign.

Organizer Leon from Briggs gathered 52 donations in Tevan’s name and team member Andy was aided with 33 donations.


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