What Happened To Rapper Kabza De Small? Death Hoax Or Truth?

What Happened To Rapper Kabza De Small? Death Hoax Or Truth?


RIP: Is Kabza De Small Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax – Passed Away

Kabza De Small death rumors have filled the internet right now. Find out if the rapper is dead or alive in the following article. 

Kabelo Petrus Motha, known by his stage name Kabza De Small, is a South African Dj, rapper and music artist. He has been a famous rapper for ages and has contributed a lot to the South African music industry.

Turning professional in 2009, he has produced lots of music and released several albums, as of which, he is now known as the king of the Amapiano genre.

Recently, the accident news of him, along with his friends Mpura Mpura and Killer Kau, has saddened the world. However, there is no relevant information regarding the accident. Further investigation is going on.

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There is no relevant information on whether Kabza De Small is dead or alive. He had encountered an accident along with his friends Mpura Mpura and Killer Kau.

His friend, a great rapper Mpura Mpura is reported to be dead. A fan of his has posted it on his newly constructed Instagram fans page.

However, Kabza De Small and Killer Kau’s death is not confirmed yet. Further investigation is going on the accident and his death news.

Many of his fans are awaiting the news of him being alive. Let’s hope for the best.

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What happened To Kabza De Small Rapper? Death Hoax – Passed Away

Kabza De Small recently encountered a life-threatening accident. He was with his friend Mpura Mpura and Killer Kau.

However, no relevant information and news regarding his accident and death are published yet. So, many people are assuming it to be a death hoax.

It is not confirmed yet if he passed away or not. A few months back, Kabza had faced a similar life-threatening accident. There he was fired lots of bullets.

Fortunately, he was lucky enough to escape those bullet firing. This time, it is yet to see if he is lucky enough to escape death once more or not.

Many believed he might have passed away as his friend Mpura Mpura got a tragic death. Many fans believe his death news to be a hoax.

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Yes, the death news is a hoax but his accident is the truth. So, there is no other option rather than wait and pray for his best.

Is There Any Obituary Published?

No, there is no obituary published, as Kabza’s condition is not confirmed yet. The news of his accident is out now, but it has not confirmed his death.

Also, there is no relevant information on him escaping the accident. His friend died in the accident, and it is reported to be a big accident, so there are few chances of him being alive.

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