What Happened To Peter Duke On Zombie House Flipping – Why Is He Leaving?

What Happened To Peter Duke On Zombie House Flipping – Why Is He Leaving?


What Happened To Peter Duke On Zombie House Flipping? He was a crucial member of the show’s cast, so audiences were understandably disappointed when he left. 

He may have quit the show, but he hasn’t abandoned house flipping. He still “rescues” ruined homes and sells them for a profit, but Peter no longer does it on camera.

And if you peek at his social media accounts, it’s evident that Peter doesn’t want to be on camera since he lacks talent.

The guy is a genuinely fantastic homemaker, and some of the homes Peter’s helped to build are pretty lovely.

Even though there is money to be made as a show’s on-camera performer, Duke may have just concluded that the amount of time he spent filming Zombie House Flipping wasn’t worth his effort.

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Alternatively, he might have utilized his time on the show to advertise his own company, Hour Glass Homes.

“I adore creating beautiful rooms, traveling, learning, and new challenges,” he says on Instagram, and he routinely uploads to social media to show off his fantastic work.

What’s fascinating is how he employs new design ideas tailored to each customer’s preferences. 

Occasionally, he shows how to add a more domestic, “homey” flare to a house, making it look less like a business structure and more like home.

Why Is Peter Duke Leaving Zombie House Flippers?

Fans are worried about the reality star’s well-being and wonder whether he is leaving the show.

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Peter Duke, the long-running presenter of Zombie House Flippers, is quitting the show.

On the other hand, Peter is supposed to be concentrating more on his own business and providing personal services.

When there were no visuals of Duke in the show’s public promo, fans began to speculate.

Following that, it has been confirmed that Peter will not appear on the show.

However, we can only speculate that Duke is pushing forward with his pursuits for the time being.

Peter Duke Wiki

Peter Duke is a real estate investor from the United States who is most known for his roles in Zombie House Flippers.

Peter Duke was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, in Pinellas County, Florida.

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He was raised in North Carolina and had an entrepreneurial mindset at a young age.

Peter has remained tight-lipped regarding his parents’ ethnicity, but they are also generational Americans.

Duke, a natural entrepreneur, started a potato garden when he was seven years old, dug it up, and tried to sell the potatoes to his local grocer.

Peter Duke Net Worth Explored

The net worth of Peter Dukes is estimated to be approximately $1 million.

His exact net worth, however, has yet to be revealed.

He can live a friendly lifestyle with his family as a result of his hard work and consistency.


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