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What Happened To Missing Gary Adams? John Xypolitos Was Found Guilty Of Murder

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What Happened To Missing Gary Adams? John Xypolitos Was Found Guilty Of Murder


Missing: Gary Adams Death By Murder – Where Is John Xypolitos Now?

Missing Children Case Update- Gary Adams was murdered by a hammer and buried in a large shed in the backyard. What happened? 

Gary Adams was a 17-year-old teenage guy who was murdered by his stepfather named John Xypolitos. He was a stepson of John and his then partner, Jo-Ann Adams.

In 2003, he was killed with a hammer by hitting him two or three times. As per the age, His dead body was found in the shed of his Cranbourne West home on December 5. This news has become the national news at that time.

Moreover, When John’s wife, Jo-Ann returned home from work, he told her that Gary had gone out and he won’t come home for dinner. From that day, Gary went missing. 

Every detail is covered right here. Read on to learn more about Gary’s murder case.

Gary Adams Was Murdered To Death By His Stepfather 

Gary Adams was killed to death. The murderer is none other than his own stepfather John Xypolitos. 

It’s quite disturbing and heartbreaking news. 

Listen to Justice Curtain sent John Xypolitos to 27 yrs 4 murder describing him as callous, cunning, brutal murderer

— Supreme Court of Victoria (Australia) (@SCVSupremeCourt) September 6, 2013

As per the Daily Mail, After killing Gary brutally with a hammer, John went for dinner with the deceased teenage boy’s mother as if everything is ok with him. There is not a single even sign of stress or guilty on his face.

During that time, John was 57 years. Now, he has turned 64/ 65 years in 2021. While Gary was 17 years when he was murdered. 

Was Gary Adam Missing? 

Yes, he was missing until his dead body was discovered in 2003. The mystery case was solved in 2013. 

As per the police reports, Gary’s body was lying in his garden shed in Melbourne. John buried Gary’s body in his own parent’s backyard, which was discovered after 8 years of his death.

As per the court statement, the mid-aged man John has finally admitted to killing Gary but insists on saying it was self-defense. In contrast, he was not guilty at all.

As per ABC, in 2013, John was sentenced to 27 years in jail. He might have to spend the rest of his life behind the bar.

Moving on to Gary’s family background, John’s biological father’s name is Andrew Sonnreich. At the same time, his mother’s name is Jo-Ann Adams. We don’t have enough details about Gary’s mother now. 

The page will be updated once the information is available online.

Regarding his nationality, Gary was Australian, and he belongs to mixed ethnicity. 

Not much is shared regarding Gary’s net worth lately. His parents must be wealthy. 

Whatsoever, Gary was the only child of his family. 

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