What Happened To Kip Wightman From Nova 106.9, Is He Leaving The Breakfast Team?

What Happened To Kip Wightman From Nova 106.9, Is He Leaving The Breakfast Team?


It is rumored that Kip Wightman from Nova is leaving the breakfast team; Let’s read till the end to know more about what happened To him.

Kip Wightman is a radio and television personality; he is well known for his role as co-host of the Nova 106.9 Breakfast Show. He also collaborates with David Lutteral and Ashley Bradnam, two other radio personalities.

Wightman began his career at Northwest in Karratha as an announcer/copywriter. In 1995, he began working as a late-night announcer for Sunshine FM in Perth, Australia.

What Happened To Kip Wightman From Nova 106.9?

According to Nova Entertainment, Kip Wightman has decided to leave Nova’s Brisbane breakfast crew after an incredible 18 years with the network.

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Wightman spent 15 years with Nova as the co-host of Ash, Kip, Luttsy, and Susie, one of Brisbane’s most popular breakfast shows.

Wightman admitted that it was difficult to give up his microphone but that the time had come for him to seek new chances.

Over the past 15 years, he said it’d been a luxury to hang out with the people of Brisbane over breakfast, but the time has come for me to turn off the alarm and think about what’s next in my career and personal life.

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Is Kip Wightman Leaving The Breakfast Team?

Kip Wightman has left Nova 106.9’s Ash, Kip, Luttsy, and Susie’s morning show.

According to Courier-Mail, the Brisbane radio DJ leaves the top-rated program after 15 years totally to focus on his personal life and his son after becoming a single father.

In March, he announced that he and his wife, Amber, had divorced after four years of marriage, and they are now co-parenting their son, Raphael.

He claimed that his ‘priorities had evolved in his personal life.’

After all these years, Ash, Luttsy, and Susie agreed that not having Wightman at the desk would be strange.

Why Did Kip Wightman Split From Wife Amber?

In 2017, Kip Wightman and Amber married. However, after four years of marriage, they have divorced.

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Rafael, Amber’s son, was born in the year 2019. Similarly, one year before their wedding, Kip proposed to Amber while on vacation in Tanzania.

The exact specifics of Kip and Amber’s breakup have yet to surface on the internet. We respect their privacy because neither has said much about their divorce.

Kip has an Instagram account where he publishes pictures of his son regularly. Rafael and Kip appear to be in love in all of their photos.

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