What Happened To Ghassan Hamzy? Bassam Hamzy Brother and Family, Was He Shot?

What Happened To Ghassan Hamzy? Bassam Hamzy Brother and Family, Was He Shot?
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Crime boss Bassam Hamzy’s brother Ghassan Amoun was found dead in South Wentworthville. 

Ghassan Amoun was killed in a daylight shot at around 1 pm on Thursday in western Sydney. He was the younger brother of the crime bass Bassam Hamzy.

According to the sources, Amoun was attacked on Rawson Road at the area of the Great Western Highway. The reporting officers are investigating the case at the moment.

NSW Ambulance paramedics arrived at the scene where Ghassan was found injured in a vehicle parked on the street. Reportedly, he died at the scene upon the arrival of the ambulance.

What Happened To Ghassan Amoun?

Bassam Hamzy’s younger brother Ghassan Amoun shot death in South Wentwothvilled on Thursday afternoon. He was just 35 years of age.

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As per police officers, Ghassan Amoun walked out for a laser hair removal as he has an appointment at Laser Lady Skin Care Clinic. Unfortunately, he was gunshot in daylight as he got into a car on Rawson Road in South Wentworthville.

However, there seems no involvement of the clinic or its employees in the wrongdoing. The investigation on this shocking shot case is on going.

During a Police investigation, they have indicated a car that has found alight nearby on Una and Smith Streets. In addition to that, other shooting police have found alleged getaway cars burnt out.

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Everything About Bassam Hamzy Brother & Family

Bassam Hamzy is an infamous crime boss in Sydney. He recently lost his brother, Ghassan Amoun in a daylight attack.

In October 2020, Bassam Hamzy’s family went through the heavy loss of his brother Mejid Hamzy. Also, his cousin Bilal Hamze was killed in June in the Sydney CBS.

Moreover, there are no further pieces of information available on Bassam Hamzy’s family. We are sorry to hear about the loss of Ghassan Amoun and pray for his family’s well-being.

Was Ghassan Amoun Brother Bassam Hamzy Was Shot?

No, Ghassan Amoun’s elder brother Bassam Hamzy wasn’t shot. In fact, some unknown parties killed Amoun in daylight in Western Sydney.

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As per the Herald reports, police have warned Ghassan Amou about the grave threat he faced from gangland rivals in June. Before, he was susceptive to serious crime prevention order (SCPO) in an effort by police to end the ongoing fight with the Alameddine clan.

Last year, Ghassan Amoun was imprisoned for disobeying that SCPO and was made free earlier this week. The shot of Amoun might follow his brother Mejid Hamzy and cousin Bilal Hamze’s fatal attack.

At present, Rawson Road and two westbound lanes on the Great Western Highway, have been closed for investigation.

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