What Happened To Farah Nasser On Global News, Where Is She Now, Is She Leaving?

What Happened To Farah Nasser On Global News, Where Is She Now, Is She Leaving?



What happened to Farah Nasser on Global News? The Canadian journalist has been absent from the news channel for the last couple of weeks.

People are curious to know what had happened to Farah Nasser as the journalist has to appear on air for quite some time now.

Farah is a Canadian journalist currently affiliated with the Canadian television network Global News.

What Happened To Farah Nasser On Global News?

Farah Nasser has been absent from her co-anchoring job at Global News from 5:30 pm to 6 pm. She has done many shows for the channel for a couple of weeks.

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Naseer revealed the reason behind her absence via an Instagram post.

As per her post, Naseer is taking some days off due to some emergency family health-related issue.

However, Farah didn’t mention the exact health issues to the public.

Many of her Insta followers can be seen in the comment section going her encouraging comments to stay stronger.

Similarly, her well-wishes were worried for her and her family.

The award-winning journalist keeps her viewers up to date about the latest political situations at the national and international levels.

With a formidable political background and knowledge, she has worked as a moderator during the political debates, including the 2018 Ontario provincial elections debate and the 2018 Toronto Mayoral debate.

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Before Global News, Nasser worked as a reporter and anchor for CablePulse in 2010.

When she was second-year student radio and television student at Ryerson Polytechnic University, she got a summer job with CNN in New Delhi, India.

Where Is Farah Nasser Now, Is She Leaving?

Farah Nasser is still associated with Global News and is not leaving the network.

There isn’t any news about her departure from her job.

She has been associated with the Global Network since 2015 and has been an integral part of the news team.

Naseer hosted the 5:30 to 6:00 pm newscast alongside her co-anchor, Alan Carter. However, she has not been part of the team for a couple of weeks.

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On November 15, the journalist revealed the reason behind her absence through an Instagram post. As per the post, due to some family health issues, she has been taking some weeks off from her regular job.

However, she didn’t give details of the issues as she might keep the matter private.

The journalist will be back to work soon, according to her post. The Canadian journalist resides in Toronto with her husband, Razid Samdjy, and two young sons.

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