What Happened To Big Budah On Fox13? Everything About The Journalist – Where Is He Now?

What Happened To Big Budah On Fox13? Everything About The Journalist – Where Is He Now?


After the weight loss and surgery, what happened to Big Budah on Fox13 has been a question of many. Here is more about the man himself.

Big Budah is an American journalist for FOX 13’s Good Day Utah. He is a media personality who loves food and sports and spends most of his spare time coaching his children’s sports teams.

Before Fox, the reporter has worked in various local radio stations and appeared in several feature films. He has also worked at Clear Channel’s KISN 97, Millcreek’s Power 107.9, and U92, but viewers remember him from his radio career in Salt Lake City.

Big Budah on FOX 13 had gone through weight reduction surgery, which left him with many struggles. He discussed the difficulties in one of his blogs while recovering from a sprained knee.

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He’s been doing a weight-lifting workout at the gym with his buddy Jordan Larson.

He revealed how a bad knee’s healing process impacted the setbacks he faced along the road. But he says he unearthed a way to get back on his feet.

It has nearly been the three-year mark since his weight loss surgery, and he is finding success in his training program. He has discovered a new fitness routine that works after hitting a plateau and gaining weight.

He is still pursuing a journalism profession while working as an anchor for FOX 13. As a feature reporter and host for FOX 13’s Good Day Utah, he works there.

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Furthermore, he is the first Samoan feature news reporter who mainly hosts the 10 am newscast, and many Zoom lives during the quarantine period.

Big Budah Age: Take A Look At His Net Worth

Big Budah celebrates his birthday every year of 8th June. However, his exact year of birth is hard to find as it has not been made public.

Budah’s net worth is estimated to be around 300 thousand dollars to 700 thousand dollars as 2021.

According to FOX estimates, his average annual salary ranges from 27 thousand dollars to 77 thousand dollars. His contract with the exact figures is still due to be released.

The earnings and incomes he generated throughout his life are from his extensive career as a journalist, among other investments.

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Where Is Big Budah Today Now? Explore His Wife And Family Too

Big Budah is in West Jordan, Utah, and still working at the Fox 13 as per his Facebook page and Instagram page, which was last updated on November 4th. He is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, and pursued an education on Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication at the University of Utah.

Budah can also be found spending time with his wife and five children. He spends his time coaching football or basketball for his children in West High School.

He will also be tuning in a karaoke jam session with family and friends around a bowl of Kava.


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