Were Steve Bronski and Jimmy Somerville Partners In Real Life? Relationship And Career Net Worth

Were Steve Bronski and Jimmy Somerville Partners In Real Life? Relationship And Career Net Worth


Bronski Beat co-founder and musician Steve Bronski has passed away at the age of 61.

He formed the band with Jimmy Somerville and Larry Steinbachek, a fellow guitarist who died in the year 2017.

Furthermore, Somerville confirmed the news on the band’s official Facebook page, writing: ‘Sad to hear Steve Bronski has passed away.’

‘He was a gifted and melodic individual.’ Working on songs with him, especially the one that altered our lives and the lives of so many others, was pleasant and thrilling

Bronski and Steinbachek met Somerville while making a documentary for an LGBTQ arts festival called Framed Youth – Revenge of the Teenage Perverts.

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Their debut single, Smalltown Boy, was a synth-pop hit that reached number three. For many fans, the story of a young gay man leaving his hometown for the freedom of the big city was particularly groundbreaking.

According to the graphic video, Somerville was chased by a homophobic gang, taken home by the police, and kicked out by his parents before boarding the train to start a new life with Bronski and Steinbachek.

Somerville left Bronski Beat in 1985 and was succeeded by John Foster. Jonathan Hellyer took over as lead singer after Foster left in 1987.

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Bronski worked as a producer for many artists in the years between. Following a brief fight with cancer, Steinbachek died in 2017 at 56.

In the year 2016, Steve Bronski resurrected the band, recording new material with Ian Donaldson, a member from the 1990s. Bronski died in 2021. 

What is Steve Bronski Net Worth?

Steve Bronski has a net worth of $10 million.

As for his wiki, Bronski was born Steve Forrest in Glasgow and founded the band with singer Jimmy Somerville and fellow musician Larry Steinbachek in 1983.

According to Somerville: “Steve’s death comes as a shock. He was a gifted musician with a strong sense of melody.”

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Details on Jimmy Somerville Wiki and Bio

Jimmy Somerville (vocals), Steve Bronski, and Larry Steinbachek comprised the first lineup, which produced most of the band’s singles (keyboards, percussion).

After leaving Bronski Beat in 1985, Somerville became the lead singer of the Communards and a solo artist. John Foster took his place as the band’s new vocalist, and the band continued to enjoy hits in the UK and Europe through 1986.

After Foster left Bronski Beat after their second album, the band went through several vocalists before disbanding in 1995.

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