Was Mesquite Police Officer Richard Houston Shot? Obituary and Tribute Flow In

Was Mesquite Police Officer Richard Houston Shot? Obituary and Tribute Flow In


Police Officer of Mesquite Richard Houston was shot after responding to a disturbance call on Friday. 

Not only the police department but the citizens are also troubled hearing the news. The man who goes on duty every day to keep the community safe has tragically passed away.

Some said that despite knowing the danger they have to face, they go to work every day and fulfill their commitments. He is described as a hero, the one who will never be forgotten.

Was Mesquite Police Officer Richard Houston Shot?

Richard Houston, a police officer working in the Mesquite police department, was shot in the parking of an Albertson’s grocery store on Friday afternoon. The police mentioned that he was shot twice outside the store in the 1500 block of S. Belt Line Road.

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The officer was responding to a disturbance call just before 1:45 p.m. Though investigators have yet to provide the details, they said that both the victim and suspect had been struck by gunfire.

The officer had to exchange gunfire with the suspect after pulling out his gun first. Police took them to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas in critical condition. But, the officer later died of his injuries.

The incident has made a terrible impression on the people in the area at that time. Especially, those who witnessed what happened are still in shock.

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Police have not discovered what led to the disturbance call, which eventually killed the veteran officer. However, they investigate the matter, check the surveillance footage, and talk to witnesses.

Family Of Richard Houston Yet To Release Obituary Notice

Richard Houston’s family is yet to release an obituary notice. However, Mesquite Police Chief David Gill, with a broken heart, shared the news to the public and reporters on Friday evening.

The chief mentioned that he was a loving husband and father of two. He also requested the community to pray for his family. He has served the community as a police officer for 21 years now.

The suspect’s name is not released yet, and the investigators will soon provide updates once there is additional information leading to the incident.

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Tributes Are Flooded For Richard Houston For His Service

Citizens and the police department have paid tribute to Richard Huston for his selfless service to the community until his death. After his body was transported from the hospital to the medical examiner’s office, a precision was held.

After moving his body inside the building, the officers who joined the procession gave one final salute. Moreover, people who heard the news also dropped by the police station to drop off flowers and light candles to show their support.

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