Was Jerry Harris Convicted? Text Messages And Victims Name Revealed

Was Jerry Harris Convicted? Text Messages And Victims Name Revealed


Was Jerry Harris Convicted? His trial date still hasn’t been set, so whether or not he will be convicted of any of the charges is still up in the air. Find out more.

Jerry Harris is an American cheerleader and television personality who got into fame after appearing in the 2020 Netflix docuseries Cheer. And he also grabbed the media’s attention for his eccentric personality.

Meanwhile, Harris also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January 2020. He has also made a guest appearance on the cheerleading-themed song named Mas(k)ot.

The song is sung by famous American singer Todrick Hall from his album Quarantine Queen. Furthermore, Harris became hot news on the internet after he was arrested on a federal child pornography charge, to the shock of his teammates in 2020.

spoke with @MorganSimianer & @GabiButlerCheer about the second season of “cheer,” the pandemic & jerry’s arrest https://t.co/oHGp8tAI4g

— Wilson Wong (@wilsonwillywong) January 12, 2022

Was Jerry Harris Convicted?

No, Jerry Harris is not convicted as the trial date still hasn’t been set. As per a source, he was originally arrested in September 2020 on one charge of the production of child pornography.

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Likewise, he was sued by two underage twin brothers for supposedly soliciting them to send him nude photographs and sexually harming them. And in December 2020, federal agents conveyed another seven charges against him.

Moreover, Harris has pleaded not guilty on all counts. Reportedly, five of the charges against Jerry carry a minimum sentence of 15 years each, while one other charge carries the lowest punishment of 10 years.

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Cheer – Jerry Harris Explicit Text Messages And Victims Name Revealed

As per his Wiki bio, Jerry Harris was arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from minors. The case involves twin brothers (victims) who were thirteen when Jerry, nineteen at the time, allegedly sent titillating messages asking for pictures and striving sex.

Furthermore, Harris admitted that he had shared sexually explicit photos on Snapchat with at least 10 to 15 people he knew were minors.

Not only that, he revealed that he had sex with a 15-year-old at a cheerleading contest in 2019 and paid a 17-year-old to send him unclothed pictures.

Moreover, Jerry is still in jail, and a report says he has been kept at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago since his detention in September 2020.

Where is Jerry Harris from #CheerNetflix now? https://t.co/mlPsGEAxA8

— Daily Express (@Daily_Express) January 11, 2022

Jerry Harris Age and Family Details

As of 2022, Jerry Harris’ age is 22 years as he was born on July 14, 1999, in Hinsdale, Illinois, United States. He grew up in Bolingbrook, Illinois, but he lost his mother when he was just 16 years old.

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She passed away from lung cancer. Besides, the American native has not talked openly about his family and parents in the media. So, there is very little report about it.

But we can find him on the official page of Wikipedia, where we can discover more details about his early life and education. 

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