Was Gary Billings Basildon Found Dead? Missing Man From Essex Was A Businessman

Was Gary Billings Basildon Found Dead? Missing Man From Essex Was A Businessman


Gary Billings was a man missing from Essex. He has been found dead on January 13, 2022. Continue to know more about him.

Gary Billings was a local man from Basildon, Essex. He was gone missing from the Whitmore Way area shortly after 1 pm on Saturday, Jan 8, 2022.

Sadly, the middle-aged man has been discovered dead. Meanwhile, many of his admirers have expressed deep grief on his untimely death.

Was Gary Billings Basildon Found Dead? Death Cause & Obituary

Gary Billings has been declared dead by the Essex police. He had lost his life to suicide and was discovered on Thursday, Jan 13, 2022.

Despite this, police personnel has not published any forensic information about the incident.

People are wondering what pushed Gary to a point that he take his life.

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Before his demise, the 37-year old had enjoyed the Hammers win 2-0. Surprisingly, his death had arrived, as stated by his good friends.

The young man went missing for more than 40 hours. Meanwhile, Essex police were reluctantly searching for him.

@ExWHUemployee can you help spread the word and see if we can get @WestHam to honour one of our own. Gary Billings who has sadly passed away. pic.twitter.com/2QJL9LpKTG

— ⚒Brooker⚒ (@Hammer_Brooker) January 12, 2022

Missing Man Gary Billings From Essex Was A Businessman: His Wikipedia

The missing man from Essex, Gary Billings is of age 37 years old. He was born in the year 1984 or 1985 and lacks a Wikipedia bio for now.

While some of the news sites also, report him to be 35 years old. Professionally, Billings was a businessman.

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He was the founder of the International Primate Protection League (IPPL).

Billings has been described as a white male with a shaven head. He was a broadly built man standing around 5 feet 8 inches tall. Also, has a full sleeve tattoo around his right arm.

According to police reports, he was last spotted wearing a high-collared navy Moncler jacket, navy blue pants, and grey Nike sneakers.

As mentioned on many news outlets, Billings was a died hard West Ham United FC fan. He had recently attended their game.

Similarly, his good friends describe him as a kind person who took care of humans as well as animals, so they are shocked by his suicide.

Who Is Gary Billings Wife Or Partner?

The reports on Gary Billings’ wife or partner are yet to be published on the news.

It can be expected that soon the police will release official reports of his death or his family.

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Meanwhile, many of his good friends and admirers have reacted to his untimely death on Twitter.

Please tonight spare a thought for Gary Billings.

A good friend to a close family member of mine, sadly took his own life.

Please reach out if you’re ever feeling low or you need a chat. You are not alone at all💙 pic.twitter.com/N54YNX9ONe

— Mental Health Carefree (@CarefreeMHealth) January 12, 2022

@Hammer_Brooker has tweeted:” @WestHam please can we get a minute of clapping for Gary Billings who has sadly passed away. He was one of us”

Similarly, @CarefreeMHealth states: “Please tonight spare a thought for Gary Billings. A good friend to a close family member of mine sadly took his own life.”

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