Was Big6ixx Shot To Death? Reports Suggest Baltimore Rapper Is Dead

Was Big6ixx Shot To Death? Reports Suggest Baltimore Rapper Is Dead
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Big6ixx is a professional rapper, and he is being shot, according to some. Is Big6ixx dead or alive? Who shot Big6ixx? Here is the answer. 

Big6ixx is a popular Baltimore rapper and singer.

He is one of the most popular rappers in Baltimore, despite the circumstances he has faced in his past.

Baltimore: Was Rapper Big6ixx Shot To Death? Dead Or Alive

No, as of now, Big6ixx is not reported dead, so he is very much alive.

Although there were rumors that he was shot to death, which seemed to be true.

But as of now, there are no reports of any violence against the rapper, as he is now a good man.

Big6ixx is not involved in any of the violent acts, so he is safe and sound, and doesn’t have any incident of shooting.

So for now, Big6ixx, the rapper from Baltimore is alive.

Big6ixx Real Name And Age

Big6ixx is yet to mention his real name, as he is still yet to be in the media.

But he has his profile over other music platforms like Spotify and Apple music.

Talking about his age, Big6ixx is expected to be around 20-30 years old.

Due to very little appearance in the media, there are not many details on his birthday.

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Big6ixx Net Worth Explored

Big6ixx’s net worth is expected to be around $100,000.

Big6ixx is a rapper who has risen from the ground, and he had nothing when he was a child.

But we can see that the rapper has gained a significant amount of popularity in the media, and has been a very popular person.

So we can say that Big6ixx is still earning a good amount of money from his music, but the exact details about his net worth are yet to be revealed.

Big6ixx Wikipedia Details

Big6ixx is a Baltimore, Maryland-based rapper.

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6ixx was reared in East Baltimore but grew up in the West Baltimore area.


6ixx was exposed to a life of drugs, crime, police violence, and statistics at an early age; all of which are regular aspects of growing up in Baltimore, Maryland.

Who Shot Big6ixx? Details About The Accuse

As mentioned earlier, Big6ixx was not shot by anybody, as there was no report of violence.

So for now, there have been no details about his appearance in the violence.

So there is no accuser, as Big6ixx is not shot.


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