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Von Dutch: Tonny Sorensen Biography, Wikipedia, Wife, Age, Family and Net Worth

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Von Dutch: Tonny Sorensen Biography, Wikipedia, Wife, Age, Family and Net Worth


What is Tonny Sorensen Von Dutch Net Worth? Tonny is a Danish entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $20 million. Let’s discover know more about Tonny Sorensen, aka Tonny Sørensen.

Tonny Sorenson is most recognized for successfully commercializing Von Dutch Originals, a famous California Kustom Kulture brand.

Tonny is the co-founder and CEO of Planet illogica, an online creative community for artists and art groups and the California Christiania Republic clothing brand.

How Much Is Tonny Sorensen Net Worth?

Tonny Sorensen’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 Million. 

However, Tommy has not revealed his exact net worth.

Sorensen has enlisted Planet illogica and his Tonny Sorensen Foundation to help fund other social ventures, such as Manifest Equality, an art and music event that raises awareness of LGBT civil rights.

The Starts With U Global Sustainability Symposium’s works on Climate Refugees, social inclusion of minority groups,the Save Our Oceans Tour, a documentary about climate change, and a series of music, film, and art installations are also enlisted, Tonny Sorensen.

Tonny Sorensen Age Details

Tonny Sorensen is currently 57 years old. 

Tonny Sorensen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on March 9, 1964.

Sorensen graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronic Engineering and a degree in Business Trade from a Copenhagen trade school.

Sorensen competed in Taekwondo for Denmark at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, winning a gold medal in the Heavyweight division at the 1991 World Taekwondo Championships in Athens, Greece.

Sorensen went on to own the Gladsaxe dojo in Denmark, which produced multiple world champions in Taekwondo.

Tonny Sorensen Wife And Children Details

According to Tonny Sorensen’s Instagram profile, he is married. His wife’s name is Mette Frank. The couple has a child too. 

Aside from that, he has revealed more about his family and wife. 

In 1991, Sorensen immigrated to the United States, residing in Los Angeles, pursuing acting, screenwriting, and filmmaking.

He co-produced the Portia de Rossi starrer American Intellectuals in 1998.

Sorensen’s unconventional management style gained him a reputation as a fashion outlaw.

His one-second rule, according to which he decides whether or not to pursue a new concept, design, or program in an instant, resulted in the global phenomenon known as the Trucker Cap.

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