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Von Dutch Clothing: Who Is Ed Boswell And Where Is He Now? Everything You Need To Know

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Von Dutch Clothing: Who Is Ed Boswell And Where Is He Now? Everything You Need To Know


American art collector Ed Boswell is allegedly one of the three founders of the 2000s brand Von Dutch.

Ed Boswell is a collector of Von Dutch. Now he and two of his friends tell their story via Hulu.

The newest document series, The Curse of Von Sutch: A Brand to Die For, features him.

The brand was a trucker hats company that was popular in the mid-2000s. 

High-profile celebrities from Paris Hilton to Britney Spears wore it as a day-to-day accessory.

Sadly, the hype died around 2010 when other apparel got into fashion.

Although its success was short-lived, it got engrained into the minds of everyone interested in fashion in that decade.

Von Dutch Clothing: What Is The Net Worth of Ed Boswell?

As of 2021, the net worth of Ed Boswell is still under review. We estimated it to be in the millions.

Boswell makes his living by working as an art collector. He is the founder of Von Dutch, a brand associated with the working-class people.

He and co-founders Cassel and Vaugh took the brand and changed it for the better. They took an appeal that got made for truckers into a trendy accessory for the rich.

Moreover, he has a design company that got famous for working with musicians.

Ed Boswell is a Los Angeles-based collector of Art. Many claim him to be the founder of Von Dutch and behind its success. His age is a mystery.

Von Dutch got founded a mechanic from the 1950s named Kenneth Robert Howard.

After his death, his daughter sold the rights to Michael Cassel then the brand took off.

Cassel, along with Ed and Robert, made the brand what it is today.

The art collector specializes in rare prints and owns a business Ed Boswell Designs. The company provides publishing and framing services.

According to some sites, he was part of the music industry when he was in palm beach. He had the job of promoting concerts.

Is Ed Boswell Still Alive? Where Is He Now?

Ed Boswell has had a low profile than his fellow founders. He is alive and well and is on the new Hulu focuses on Von Dutch.

He likes to keep things in the past and has rarely spoken about the brand.

In 2004, he was sad about the people’s perception of the brand and its superficial history.

He created it with the mindset of being devoid of rank and full of hipness.

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