Vikki Campion Father Peter Campion Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth and Family

Vikki Campion Father Peter Campion Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth and Family


Politician: Who Is Vikki Campion Father Peter Campion? Barnaby Joyce’s Family Makes A Run In The Election

Vikki Campion Father Peter Campion is the Clive Palmer Candidates running for the Kennedy seat. 

People are getting hyped up over the upcoming federal election in Australia. With this, the political parties have started to take action for the victory.

Likewise, United Australia Party, supported by Clive Palmer, is on its way to the upcoming election. The party has a history of Labor damage in 2019.

Moreover, Peter competing over the seat in North Queensland for the election campaign has drawn loads of attention from the public. In all the election hype, let’s be more acquainted with Peter.

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Who Is Vikki Campion, Father Peter Campion? More Details On Politician

Vikki is popularly known for being romantically involved with the Deputy Prime Minister. The couple has caught the public’s attention after being public about their relationship.

Peter, being the father of Vikki, has come to light. On top of that, he is taking part in the upcoming federal election, which put him in the spotlight recently.

According to The North West Star, Campion has previously served as a fireman in the community. He is now a politician serving as a candidate of the United Australia Party.

He will be competing in the upcoming election against Bob Katter, who has been in the seat since 1993.

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Find Peter Campion On Wikipedia: Discover The Age Of Politician?

Peter Campion is not available on the Wikipedia page. Moreover, there are not many personal details available about him.

Looking at his age, Peter looks like he is in his late 50s or 60s. The politician has not mentioned his actual birth details, so his exact age remains unknown.

As per Mr. Palmer, “Peter has been a great Australian who has served the community with all his dedication. Considering that, he will be a remarkable parliament member for the United Australia Party.”

Peter remains low regarding his personal matter. He is married to his beautiful wife, but not much information is available about her.

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Still and all, Peter has a daughter named Vicky, a partner of Barnaby Joyce. She has previously worked with Joyce as a media adviser.

Regardless, Campion must have a wonderful family who has supported him. As Peter has concealed the details regarding his personal affairs, not many things are obtainable about him.

Besides that, he is the father of Deputy Prime Minister Joyce’s partner, Vicky. Also, with Perter being busy with the upcoming federal election, he has only commented about the campaign.


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