Video: Who Is Viktoria Kashirina? Russian Teacher Instagram, Why Was She Fired?

Video: Who Is Viktoria Kashirina? Russian Teacher Instagram, Why Was She Fired?


Viktoria Kashirina the Russian Teacher got fired after a few parents saw her pole-dancing video. Is She On Instagram?

Kashirina is a Russian teacher who recently went viral on social media for doing a striptease on Instagram. She even ended up losing her job after the incident. 

Viktoria argued that the Instagram video was a part of an art project. However, the explanation was inadequate to save her from getting fired.

Who Is Viktoria Kashirina? The Russian Teacher Age Revealed

Viktoria Kashirina was working as a literature teacher until she got fired from the school. Her students are between the ages of 11 to 12 years, and she was the favorite teacher of her students. She became a teacher for the school during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Viktoria’s age is 23 years old. 

Kashirina recently graduated from college and had a side job as a pole dancer. She has been working as a pole dancer for several years and did not hide her work. 

In the Instagram video, Kashirina undressed in front of a mirror. She performed titillating and provocative poses until she was in her lingerie. 

The parents of the school’s students requested the school’s administration to remove her from the teaching job. Some people have criticized Viktoria for posting the racy video online, whereas others are upset she got fired.

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Kashirina might not be married as she is currently focusing on her career.

Is Viktoria Kashirina On Instagram?

Viktoria Kashirina is no longer active on Instagram. She used to post alluring dance videos on social media platforms.

One of her students found a video of her Instagram account and showed it to their mother, reports NBC 15. The troubling incident took place on September 29 in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia. 

Kashirina’s video was not meant for the students. The clip did not show her pole dancing but was considered too racy for young children. However, Viktoria said that it was an artistic side project she was doing.

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Why Was Viktoria Kashirina Fired?

Viktoria Kashirina got fired after students showed her pole-dancing video to parents. She got fired for “immoral behavior” and is now threatening to sue the school, reports CBS 6 Albany.

Viktoria got interviewed by the local media, where she said getting fired was an unfair decision. She would not have been fired if one of the school students did not find the video, which slowly went viral. 

Kashirina is hoping for the school to pay her compensation, and if the school fails to do so, she will take the case to court.

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