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Tyrone Johnson: Girlfriend Stephanie Willis, Son Ricky & Death Sentence

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Tyrone Johnson: Girlfriend Stephanie Willis, Son Ricky & Death Sentence


Tyrone Johnson is a convicted criminal, he killed his girlfriend Stephanie Willis and her son Ricky back in October 2018. The fight started over watching television and ended with two dead bodies. 

Tyrone Johnson has been sentenced to death for his conviction of first and second-degree murder by a Hillsborough County jury and a judge recently. The jury unanimously voted for his fate after being shown his interrogation video and images of the murder scene.

He called the emergency response and said he was being attacked by his girlfriend Willis, but when the authorities reached  4302 Mariners Cove Court in Tampa, they found two dead bodies of mother and son.

Let us learn more about Tyrone Johnson and take a close look at his death sentence and girlfriend Stephanie Willis.

Tyrone Johnson is a convicted murderer, he was convicted of first and second-degree murder in October 2018.

Johnson killed his girlfriend Stephanie Willis and her ten-year-old son Ricky according to Fox 13 News.

The argument between the couple started on turning the television channel but later escalated into personal insults. Stephanie is said to have also insulted Johnson over his son’s suicide, which may have added to the rage.

According to Johnson’s lawyer, “I see why your son murdered himself like a [expletive] because you’re a little [expletive],” Stephanie stated.

Johnson was a former military personal and had changed completely after he returned home from Army, he is said to have been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Who Was Tyrone Johnson Girlfriend Stephanie Willis?

Tyronne Johnson’s girlfriend was Stephanie Willis.

She lived with Johnson in an apartment at 4302 Mariners Cove Court in Tampa along with her ten-year-old son Ricky Willis.

Willis worked as a home health aide, providing care, love, and affection to the sick people assisting them in their healing process.

Her son could have been born from her previous relationship but the information about his father has not come to the surface yet.

However, his grandparents  Amber and Robert Hewitt expressed their sorrow and they thought the verdict would serve justice to the deceased.

Ricky was part of his elementary school’s fifth-grade music ensemble and played the drum according to Bay News.

Did Tyrone Johnson Receive Death Sentence?

The jury in his trial has recommended a death sentence to Tyrone Johnson.

However, the judge in the case is yet to approve the jury’s decision. Judge Christopher Sabella will analyze the evidence and weigh them before approving the death sentence to Tyrone Johnson and provide a decision in the coming weeks.

If Tryone’s death sentence gets approved, he will be the 22nd person on death row from Hillsborough County in Florida. There are already 21 people waiting for their execution.

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