Tycalk9: Manuel Golden Animal Abuse Allegations, Dog Trainer Charges and Wikipedia

Tycalk9: Manuel Golden Animal Abuse Allegations, Dog Trainer Charges and Wikipedia


Manuel Golden, the K9 Obedience specialist and the founder of Tycalk9, is facing animal abuse allegations. Here are the details regarding the dog trainer charges.

Manuel Golden, the founder of a dog training company called Tycalk9 is trending all over the internet, especially on Twitter, all for negative reasons.

Some serious allegation of the harsh treatment of dogs by him and his company has come to light.

With the growing numbers of dog lovers on the rise, especially in the USA, where people didn’t even spend thousands of dollars to train their beloved canine.

For the sake of the training, dogs are sometimes treated inhumanely and might also be abused, which is not a new phenomenon as cases of dog brutality have come up in the news occasionally.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to explore one such case associated with a Hoston-based dog training facility called Tycalk9, and its owner Manuel, who is also accused of stealing a dog from its owner.

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Tycalk9: Manuel Golden Animal Abuse Allegations

Tycalk9 and its found Manuel Golden has been levied with some serious animal abuse allegations lately,

The whole case first came to light after a post on Twitter went viral. The post was from the account name Bane Of Existence

According to the post, Manuel and Tycalk9are accused of harsh treatment of dogs under their facility. They are accused of keeping the canines in deplorable conditions and their training methods which is categorized as brutal.

The case is especially related to a dog named Musa, which according to the post, was allegedly stolen by Manuel. Musa owner lest him to the pet sitter when Golden took the canine from the pet sitter home. While doing so, he threatened the woman looking after the dog at her own house and took Musa bak in his dog training facility Tycalk9.

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What Are The Charges Against Dog Trainer Manuel Golden?

At the moment, no charger has been put against the dog trainer Manuel Golden. He has been accused of stealing a dog without noticing its owner and taking it back to its own facility.

The case has recently come to light and we believed further findings are yet to come out of it.

According to a Twitter post, Houston PD looking at the case; however, there won’t be much under their jurisdiction as it is a civil matter.

If all the allegation levied against Manuel was true, he might face a jail term or even a hefty fine for stealing the dog Musa and the brutal treatment of dogs under his Tycalk9 dog training facility.

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Manuel Golden Is Not On Wikipedia

The Tycalk9 founder, Manuel Golden, is not someone famous; hence, the dog trainer is not on Wikipedia.

Recently, his name has been trending all over the internet when he was accused of stealing a dog Besides that, Manuel is also accused of the harsh treatment of dogs under his facility.

Golden is a Houston-based canine obedience specialist and the founder of Tycalk9, the Houston-based dog training facility.

Currently, after the heated case where he has been getting a negative reaction from the netizens, it seems he has deactivated all of his social media accounts as of now.

Looking at his photos over the internet, he has had some notable celebrities clients of his dog training facilities, including former NBA player Tracy McGrady and LA Lakers Anthony Davis.

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