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Two Guys On A Bus Meme Explained On TikTok And Trend Videos

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Two Guys On A Bus Meme Explained On TikTok And Trend Videos


A decade-old cartoon ‘Two Guys On A Bus’ becomes a new meme format viral on Twitter. Learn about its meaning and origin. 

‘Two Guys On A Bus’ is a new meme that has taken the internet by storm. The meme template is being shared on various social sites like Reddit, Twitter, and many more.

The cartoon in the meme was created almost eight years ago. It is an exploitable image macro where two men are sitting across from each other on a bus. One of them is looking at the dull view of a rock wall, while the other man is looking at a beautiful sunset view.

What Is ‘Two Guys On A Bus’ Meme? Origin Explained

Brazilian artist Genildo Ronch made the cartoon on the ‘Two Guys On A Bus’ meme. In August 2013, he made it public through his website. Now years after its creation, its template is spread everywhere.

The caption on the original material was in Portuguese, which read, “As vezes só depende de nós.” In English, it means “Sometimes it just depends on us.” Later it circulated with the alternate caption, “Every single day, you make a choice.”

In 2019, Brazilian netizens started using the cartoon as a meme template on Twitter. The meme blew up and soon was seen all over Facebook and Twitter in other parts of the world. After that, it was made into an exploitable image macro.

The meme only gained traction this year after it was posted on Reddit. In the Reddit post, the captions were “Didn’t take a sh** before leaving the house”/Took a sh** before leaving the house.”

Following that, people started adding their texts to the template and started using it for comedic purposes. Twitter users and Redditers are sharing the meme-like crazy. People are also tweeting about their thoughts on the meme.

Many expressed that they were happy to have found the meme format. Netizens are also using it to say the opposite of what is true.

What Is The Actual Meaning Of ‘Two Guys On A Bus’ Meme?

Ronch’s intention behind the creation of the cartoon has a profound meaning. He might be trying to show people that life is how you intend to view it through the cartoon.

Both the men are on the bus, and yet they have two different viewpoints of life. Like the man on the rocky wall side, if one thinks that life sucks then, it will suck. But if one looks at the bright side, life will treat him better too.

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