Twi Real Name, Wikipedia, Biography: Has The Canadian Gaming YouTuber Shorts Revealed His Face

Twi Real Name, Wikipedia, Biography: Has The Canadian Gaming YouTuber Shorts Revealed His Face


Has Twi Shorts face finnaly unvieled?The recent successful youtube has been asked for a fan reveal ever since he crossed 1 million subscribers on youtube. Learn what we know about him.

Twi is a gaming celebrity and content producer who rose to prominence through the distribution of Minecraft videos on both YouTube and TikTok.

On the former platform alone, he has over 1 million committed subscribers.

Has Twi Shorts Revealed His Face?

Twi has yet to do a face reveal. He has recently teased about doing a face reveal in the upcoming days.

His fans have been requesting for it quite a while and many have become impatient enough to spread fake rumors about his doing a face reveal.

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On May 7, 2016, he started his YouTube channel and posted his debut Minecraft video. He continued to upload on a regular basis till February 2018.

In 2011, he began playing Minecraft. He used to go by “Twilight,” but when he started uploading YouTube Shorts, he changed his name to “Twi Shorts.” In less than a year, he accumulated over 2.5 million TikTok followers.

He amassed over 10,000 subscribers in less than two months after beginning to upload YouTube clips. Twi Shorts posted a video named “Montero in Minecraft” on April 14, 2021.

Twi Shorts Age And Wikipedia Explored

Twi Shorts, sometimes known as Twi, is a Canadian gaming YouTuber best known for his musical Minecraft sketches.

As of the moment, his age is not known, but based on his voice he is guessed to be in his 20s. He rose to prominence as a result of his YouTube Shorts.

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Twi Shorts is famous for his short Minecraft movies. “Minecraft Music Syncs,” a popular series on his channel, consists of him syncing and repitching various Minecraft game noises to the melody of popular songs.

Twi Shorts decided to move his channel in an altogether different direction in early February 2021. He started uploading videos to YouTube Shorts, which led to the growth of his channel.

After a month and a half, the video’s popularity skyrocketed, going from 300,000 to 4.5 million views in a week.

What Is Twi Shorts Real Name?

Twi Short has been quite successful at keeping his personal detail such as his real name out of the public reach.

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We guess he chose to do so to protect his personal life from his professional life.

Twi is his real-life channel, where he creates short videos, POV chases, battle scenes, vlogs, and other real-life material.

Duck Shorts is Twi’s second shorts channel where he creates fashionable shorts such as Mob IQ Tests, amethyst music, encounters with pop culture personalities, and memes and trendy concepts.

On July 2, 2021, Twi Shorts achieved 100,000 subscribers. Twi Shorts has 1 million subscribers and 400 million channel views less than 4 months later, on October 21, 2021. Twi Shorts is still one of the most popular Short Form gaming makers on YouTube today.

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