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Top Thrill Dragster Accident 2021 – Cedar Point Accident Today

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Top Thrill Dragster Accident 2021 – Cedar Point Accident Today

SANDUSKY, Ohio — A “female guest” was taken to the hospital on Sunday afternoon after a “small metal object” came off of the Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster and hit her while she was waiting in line.

A spokesman for Cedar Point released this statement to WTOL 11 on Sunday:

“At approximately 4:30 this afternoon, a small metal object became disengaged from a train on the Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster as it was ending its run.

I hope she will be ok! Pretty scary! A lot of coasters have been down at CP this year. Wondering if they have been doing proper maintenance and inspections of rides with the lack of workers they have had.

Sarah Primovic
Since June I’ve seen so many people posting about rides being broke , rides not running. It’s a shame
Many prayers to the people involved. Think cedar point needs to have state come in and inspect all the rides before opening

Henry Vanhove wrote
Her condition is not known however she was transported to another facility sounds like her condition is not good at all, Oh I bet their will be attorneys in line for blocks wanting to talk to her

Colleen Preston wrote
It could of happened to anyone I will never walk under Skyhawk or maxair or even the Magnum for reasons people phones have whipped past me several times scary prayers for the person

Bridgett Ball
Oh of course everyone is looking to sue cedar point for this . Accidents happen all the time. My god you could be walking and trip on air and you would try and bring a lawsuit against someone. Hell I was texting and walking and hit a canoe I didn’t bring a lawsuit against the guy who had it in his truck. I hope the lady is ok . And I am sure cedar point is on top of it game . That does not mean the park is a peace of crap or someone is not doing their job right. People not the lady who got hit but some of these comments are ridiculous sur sue sue anyway to get free money. If that had happen to me and the park had agreed to pay my medical expenses and what ever therapy I would be grateful but I wouldn’t sue them.


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