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Tom lowenstein Saved Walter Ogrod’s Life – Check How Here

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Tom lowenstein Saved Walter Ogrod’s Life – Check How Here


Dateline – Who Is Journalist Tom lowenstein And Where Is He Now?

Dateline- Who is Tom Lowenstein? He is a popular journalist and researcher who spent 19 years spending the Walter Ogrod case. 

Before jumping to Tom Lowenstein’s details, let us know, who is Walter Ogrod? Walter, 55, was arrested for murdering a 4-year-old, Barbara Jean Horn on October 8, 1996. He was freed on Friday after spending 23 years in prison.

As per Walter Ogrod’s Wikipedia case, Barbara was assaulted and murdered to death with a metal object, hiding her body in a cardboard television box on nearby St. Vincent Street.

Moreover, Tom is a veteran journalist and researcher who spent 19 years solving Walter’s murder case. However, Walter’s case has become the national news at that time.

See, Where is the journalist now? All details are covered right here.

Tom Lowenstein is a popular journalist and an author. In contrast, he is a life savior of Walter Ogrod as he freed him up from jail.

As per the Guardian, In 2018, CNN released a one-hour documentary called Snitch Work coverage by Tom Lowenstein. It’s an episode of the Susan Sarandon-narrated Death Row Stories.

Many of you are wondering, what actually has happened? Walter is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was also the neighbor of Barbara. In 1988, she was playing outside in her community area.

After the investigation, Police discovered her body in a plastic bag stuffed in a cardboard television box on the 1400 block of St. Vincent St. It was disturbing news for the world.

Whatsoever, he protested his innocence staying inside the prison.

Tom Lowenstein is busy handling Walter’s case lately. As per the source, he even published a book called Trials Of Walter Ogrod.

We exactly don’t have any details regarding his married life. Perhaps, his wife and children are living a peaceful life in Pennsylvania.

Whatsoever, Tom did a great job of not letting the innocent leaving the rest of his life inside the prison. When Walter was released from jail after spending 23 years in a Philly murder, he felt relaxed and tired too.

Nevertheless, Walter wrote a letter to his wife. It reads, “We all made out,” regarding the leniency, he and the other informant received in their own pending criminal cases.

Besides, Barbara’s parents, John Fahy (stepfather) and Sharon Fahy (mother) want the criminal to be arrested and justice to her daughter. She said in a statement, two families have already been destroyed.

She wanted Mr. Walter to be out of prison immediately. She never wants an innocent person to suffer.

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1 Comment

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    Alice Jones

    August 14, 2021 at 2:45 am

    How can I get in touch with the writer Tom Lowenstein I want to talk to him about a story.

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