TikTok: Who Was Rory Teasley Aka 2PUMP4TV? Pontiac Man Docquen Jovo Watkins Arrested

TikTok: Who Was Rory Teasley Aka 2PUMP4TV? Pontiac Man Docquen Jovo Watkins Arrested
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28-year-old social media influencer Rory Teasley got strangled by boyfriend Docquen Jovo Watkins.

The death of Rory Teasley aka, 2PUMP4TV, shocked everyone as he was the resident comedian of TikTok.

Fans from across the globe come to social media to pour their memory and sorrow over his untimely passing.

Indeed, his story was unfortunate as he got murdered by his lover.

Is Pontiac Man Docquen Jovo Watkins Arrested Over The Murder Of Rory Teasley Aka 2PUMP4TV?

31-year old Docquen Jovo Watkins executed his partner Rory Teasley over a silly argument and got arrested.

Watkins dialed 911, saying that his boyfriend was sleeping on the couch. But when the authorities arrived, he had stopped breathing.

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The man was immediately rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead. Even though the cops said that incidences of violence over minor occurrences are far too common, the story still sent a chill down onlooker’s spines.

Now, he faces charges of first-degree murder and is in custody.

His court date is on the 18th, where the deceased soul finds justice.

What Is The Cause Of The Death Of Rory Teasley?

Rory Teasley aka, 2Pump4TV, perished because of his partner, Docquen Watkins. The boyfriend of 10 years was at their blocks of Carter apartment when things went wrong.

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According to a report from the Oakland County Sherriff’s Office, the couple fought over a video game, prompting him to choke Teasley resulting in his death.

Indeed, it’s not Watkins’s first entanglement with the authorities as he got previously charged with a misdemeanor conviction for malicious destruction of property.

Rory Teasley Age And Wikipedia- Who Was He?

TikTok star and cameraman Rory Teasley was only 28 years old when he got killed by the person closest to him.

The gay comedian was known for posing hilarious videos on his social media, making a decent living through it.

The cameraman was initially from Detriot, Michigan, and a graduate of the Pontiac High School.

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He had big dreams behind his eyes, moving to Oakhalahoma with his partner.

What Was The Net Worth Of Rory Teasley?

As of 2022, the net worth of Rory Teasley is still under evaluation. He made his living by working as a social media influence, having 62k followers on his Instagram handle.

Most of his revenue is from his TikTok account, where he has 218.9 k followers and 2.2 million likes across all his videos.

Indeed, his last video got posted just five days ago, with no one knowing that he had already passed over to the other side.


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