TikTok: What Is BMGF Meaning In Texting Slang? Snapchat & Instagram

TikTok: What Is BMGF Meaning In Texting Slang? Snapchat & Instagram


The texting slang BMGF is overwhelming the TikTok search screen. What does this imply? Its origin and meaning are detailed below.

Social Media users know to experiment with multiple trends and challenges. While various slang phrases have also gained traction on the internet.

A platform like Tiktok has brought varieties of slang terms such as “BMF”, “BSF,” “FYP,” “OF”. The phrase BMGF has been thrown around a lot lately.

TikTok: What Is BMGF Meaning In Texting Slang?

Viral Tiktok slang “BMGF” means “Be My Girlfriend”. The #BMGF sounds closer to “BMF”, however, the two terms have different meanings.

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Currently, the #BMGF has yielded more than 2.3 million views, as per Tiktok search results.

You can recognize the phrase in Tiktok videos, especially posted by girl users. They have often used it to ask the meaning of the slang actually.

However, male users have used it to propose or flirt with another woman. Moreover, in a funnier and expressive way.

Sometimes slangs are so much similar that people often get mistaken with its meaning. The same has happened to the terms BMGF and BMF.

The BMF is the simple abbreviation for “Be My Freind”. According to HITC, it is generally a phrase from the cult classic film “Pulp Fiction.” that also means “Bad Motherf****r.”

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BMGF Is Also Seen In Snapchat & Instagram

#BMGF has become a new craze across other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, in addition to Tiktok.

Collectively, the #BMGF has been used by approximately 10 million different users. The texting slang is actually getting thrown around a lot lately.

BMGF Origin Revealed: What Does Urban Dictionary Say?

The origin of “BMGF” is not exactly known. It is difficult to tell who started a trend because it spreads in a matter of seconds.

If we Google search the meaning of BMGF, it provides interesting results.

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According to the Urban Dictionary, BMGF clearly means “be my girlfriend”. We can usually utilize the slang in sentences like “Hey, I really like you, so can you bmgf.”

However, the word has been used as an abbreviation for various things.

It is also the short form of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Likewise, Pokemon fans have used the term as the short form for Bulbasaur’s Mysterious Garden Forum.

Lastly, to know more about the trending new terms on Tiktok, please follow the link.

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