Tiktok: What Happened Between Stephanie Hernandez and Eduin Caz? Was Eduin Caz Found Cheating on His Wife?

Tiktok: What Happened Between Stephanie Hernandez and Eduin Caz? Was Eduin Caz Found Cheating on His Wife?


The TikTok video of Eduin Caz cheating with Stephanie Hernandez has gone viral in TikTok. Continue reading the article to learn more about the incident. 

The name Eduin Caz went viral after the young woman shared an initial video of a conversation with Daisy Anah, the wife of the Mexican regional group singer.

The video was entitled “When Eduin Cz’s wife message me asking if his husbnad cheated on her with me.”

However, the singer of the Firm Group still advocates against all these rumors.

Tiktok: What Happened Between Stephanie Hernandez and Eduin Caz?

The TikTok video that has gone viral over time shows, Eduin Caz cheating on his wife. The video shows, Eduin sleeping with another woman who is not his wife.

The lady was later discovered to be Stephanie Hernández through her TikTok account.

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She has later uploaded a video stating how Edui’s wife has threatened her, questioning her about her husband’s infidelity. In addition, TikTok users are also demanding proof that everything he did was not just a publicity stunt.

Replying to that, Stephanie has uploaded a video where we can clearly see a woman with her hand on her legs and when moving the camera, a sleeping man is revealed.

The sleeping man is assumed to be the singer, Eduin with many users commenting about a possible mole on the face, the artist’s, the woman’s tattoo, and the dates.

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So far, neither the woman nor Eduin has said anything about it.

Was Eduin Caz Found Cheating on His Wife?

Eduin Caz has been found being unfaithful with his wife. Stephanie Hernández, a Tijuana girl revealed that she had an intimate relationship with Eduin Caz.

The interpreter of “Ya supérame,” “Algo Tranquilo,” and “Gracias” stole the show after a Tijuana girl claimed she had an intimate encounter with him, proving that he was unfaithful to his wife, Daisy anahy.

However, Eduin, the new idol of the Mexican regional genre assured everyone that everything was a lie and a story to defame him. Even the young woman who spoke out on the subject was slammed by the singer’s fans.

To put an end to all the rumors and speculation, Stephanie Hernández posted several stories on her Instagram account. The story includes her several intimate encounters with Eduin Caz.

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In addition, she denied that she reveal her relationship to gain popularity. However, after the Tijuana girl’s denunciation, the vocalist of Firm Group went out to say that everything is a lie when you know that it is not.

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