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Tex And John Kelly Tiktok Death Reason, Cause Of Death, Age, Biography, Images, Family, Profession And Net Worth

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Tex And John Kelly Tiktok Death Reason, Cause Of Death, Age, Biography, Images, Family, Profession And Net Worth

Tex And John Kelly Tiktok Death Reason Cause Age Bio Images Family Profession And Net Worth

John Kelly, who was a famous TikTok Star passed away on 7th August 2021, Saturday leaving everyone in complete shock and despair, as no one can believe that such a great soul would leave the world so soon. “John and Tex” are known as the famous father-son duo on the Titktok platform, however, recently, the stepfather of Tex, John passed away. The fans loved seeing the two of them together so much, the duo would often make vine and other comedy videos on the popular video streaming platform and would always entertain the fans. The father and son pair would prank on each other and would garner immense love from the fans, but the sudden death of John has left everyone in great pain.

Tex And John Kelly Tiktok Death Reason

The fans are extremely disheartened to learn about the passing of John and are sad that they won’t be able to see their favourite pair doing pranks on each other. The son of John, Tex although did not reveal the reason behind his step-dad’s demise, however, it has been said that the father of Tex was suffering from some major health issues, which eventually became the reason for his passing. Tex recently took over his Instagram account, “@tex.keith” and poured his heart out in front of his followers. The young TikTok star wrote how much his father meant to him and how he played the role of a good dad in his life.

For those who do not know, John was not the biological father of Tex, but he loved the child more than his own children. Tex was four years old when his mother came up to him and introduced John to him. Talking about this, Keith wrote, “My dad had always been my hero. I love him and miss him so much. I am sure that he will be in a better place now, looking over us all.” Talking about how amazing his father was, Tex further wrote, “He was an incredible father, brother and son and friend to many.” He still remembers meeting his dad with his mother when he was 4-year old and Tex still remembers asking, “Are you, my Dad?”

Tex told, at that time my father did not know what to say, however, he gradually became the man in his and his brother lives. John taught Tex how to read, throw a ball, how to always cherish and love his work, and there were so many uncountable lessons that he learned. Tex further wrote, “Because of my dad, I will carry my head up high.” In the most difficult times, when everything felt wrong, my dad never lost hope and he made us realise that as long as we had each other we did not need anything else. He ended up saying, “you were my best friend da and as painfully difficult as this is, I know we will see each other again and I cannot wait to see the smile of yours, to hug you, to joke around and to tell you how much I love you in person. I love you father and I will see you in eternity.”


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