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Tanya And Vito From The Block- Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Family And Background

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Tanya And Vito From The Block- Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Family And Background


Tanya and Vito The Block: Age Wikipedia Family And Instagram

Tanya, age 39, and Vito, age 45, are the contestants of The Block 2021. Let us find out more about the married couple, including their Wikipedia, family, and Instagram. 

Tanya and Vito have been the fan of the show since a long time. They used to watch the show together with their family. And now they are the contestant of the show, The Block.

The couple is hoping to impress the judges with their bright and colorful style. Their goal is to win the show ultimately.

Who Are Tanya and Vito From The Block?

Tanya and Vito joined the new season of The Block and are looking to make an impact.

The Block is a reality television series based in Australia. The show is broadcasted on the Nine Network.

Four or five couples enter the show and compete against each other to renovate and style houses/apartments. Afterward, they sell them at auction for the highest price. 

The 13th season of the show premiered on August 8, 2021. The new season is titled ‘Fans v Faves’ and is being taken place at Hampton Victoria.

Tanya and Vito used to watch the show, and they know how intense the show can be. Additionally, they also have experience in building beautiful houses. After they have been together, the couple had already built three houses. 

Tanya and Vito Age: How Old Are They?

How old are the couple, Tanya and Vito? Tanya’s age is currently 39, and Vito’s age is currently 45.

Talking about the couple’s height, there is no detail on how tall they are. However, they look perfect together.

The Melbourne-based couple has been together for two decades. They are married for 18 years now. 

They always support each other and will do so as they compete in the Australian reality TV show. 

Tanya and Vito’s profiles are not found on Wikipedia.

The couple’s name will be wide-known as they entered the popular show. Let’s talk about Tanya and Vito’s background.

Tanya is an award-winning makeup artist by profession. She is known in the city for her signature purple hair. She has worked with some celebrities, including Tina Arena and Chrissie Swan.

Her attitude and determination will help her to compete in the show, The Block.

Vito is a window furnisher. Before, he was also a qualified barber.

Meet Tanya and Vito Family

Talking about Tanya and Vito’s family, they live along with their two children.

They have a daughter, Eva, age 12, and a son, Josiah, age 8. Tanya and Vito want to be an example to look at by winning the show. 

Tanya and Vito Instagram

Both Tanya and Vito are active on Instagram.

Tanya’s username is @tanyaguccione, and her husband Vito has a username @vitoguccione_. The couple also has an Instagram profile as Tanya and Vito.

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