Tammy Homolka Autopsy Report Exposed -Meet Her Sister And Murder Karla Homolka

Tammy Homolka Autopsy Report Exposed -Meet Her Sister And Murder Karla Homolka
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Tammy Homolka was a teenager, who was killed by her sister Karla Homolka and Karla’s partner Paul Barnardo; in her second autopsy, evidence of mild hypnotic drug was found.

Tammy Homolka’s murder/ rape case is one of the most disturbing and harrowing cases in Canadian history. She was an innocent teenager who became the victim of her sister and sister’s boyfriend’s ill intention.

The nuances involved in this case are extremely triggering to any normal human being. Tammy was an exuberant and friendly person, who was very active in various sports.

Tammy Homolka Autopsy Report Exposed

In the autopsy of Tammy Homolka, the cause of the death was found to be choking on her vomit. Earlier, her death was thought to be an accident. Her body has been exhumed once after that too.

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On her second autopsy, forensic found evidence of a mild hypnotic drug, which is used to relieve short-term insomnia. Her body was also examined for general anesthetic, but nothing was found.

The decision to conduct an autopsy a second time was made because the investigator believed that Tammy’s murder might have some similarity to Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French murder, other victims of Karla Himilka and Paul Barnardo.

Tammy Homolka Murder/ Sister Karla Homolka

Karla and Tammy Homolka were sisters; Seeing from the outside they had a relation that every regular sister’ had, but later, Karla turned out to be the murderer of her sister.

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Homolka, Karla’s ex-husband, was always into Tammy, so he want to have a physical relationship with her. Tammy decided to fulfill her boyfriend’s will to do so and managed a way to sedate her sister.

Karla is often considered an example of hybristophilia, a person sexually aroused by the crimes of her partner.

After sedating Tammy, they raped her. Due to sedation Tammy got sick and died. Currently, Tammy is a free woman and was released as per the deal she had with another murder case attorney. She lives in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield alone.


Tammy Homolka Mother

Tammy Homolka’s mother is Dorothy Homolka, and her father is Karel Homolka. Both of her parents were stunned to know about the heinous crime their daughter did against her sister.

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When Tammy’s body was disinterred, they found the card writer by Karla and Paul. That card has some of the creepiest things written after knowing the fact that they murdered her. That card was removed before placing Tammy in the grave again.

Dorothy and Karel have gone through one of the nightmares that no one expects to happen. Although the daughter who was murdered is free, they are not happy because their dead daughter was mercilessly killed and raped by her and her partner.

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