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Steve ‘Zumbi’ Gaines Cause Of Death, Reason, Passed Away, Died At 49, Biography, Images And Girlfriend Name

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Steve ‘Zumbi’ Gaines Cause Of Death, Reason, Passed Away, Died At 49, Biography, Images And Girlfriend Name

Steve 'Zumbi' Gaines

The breaking news of this hour is that the MC popularly by the name of Baba Zumbi named Steve Gaines who was from the Bay Area rap group Zion I passed away at the age of 49 years old. The confirmation of his death is stated by the family of Zumbi who confirmed that a member of the Bay Arena Rap group named Steve Gaines died in the mid-afternoon on Friday. The news of his death is stated to the KQED in the evening of Friday where the family stated that they feel very sorrow and saddened to declare the death news of Steve Gaines that the 49 years old man lost his life at the hospital named Alta Bates Hospital in the early morning of Friday and the cause of the death is still unknown and all the family wants some space to recover from this hard time. The death news of Gaines goes viral on the internet and all the colleagues and friends of the deceased started paying homage to him.

Talking about who is Steve Gaines then he was serving himself on a Zion I reunion trip as a longtime producer along with collaborator and Amp Live to value the legacy of their musical efforts for their followers. The Zumbi starts delivering music beneath the Zion I title in the year 2000 along with DJ and the producer named Amp Live and for around the following era, the band group published around seven albums along with several singles and collaborations. But in the year 2015, Amp Live bequeathed Zion I, but in the year 2021 they both come with each other in the business and they panning for the anniversary tour together in the month of October this year.

If we see the Zumbi, then the band was popularly called as creating a religious way in the hip-hop, followed in his researching, mystical hymns, and in the name of Zion, I’s appearance album named Mind Over Matter and also the album was nominated in the popular awards named Independent Album of the Year. Steve is sustained by three sons with his mother along with one brother and the father of the deceased was passed away a few years ago.

Now, the sad and heartbreaking news is that he is no more with us and left the world with leaving many of the precious and amazing memories behind him which always remains in the heart of his family. All the family are in a shocking state after hearing the news of his death, we also pay homage to the deceased and may his soul rest in peace.

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