Shooting: Who Is Derricka Patrick Chicago? Pregnant Woman Who Got Shot To Death

Shooting: Who Is Derricka Patrick Chicago? Pregnant Woman Who Got Shot To Death


Shooting: Derricka Patrick was a pregnant woman from Chicago who was killed in a Wednesday shooting. Get to know her age and husband. Find her on Instagram. 

A pregnant woman was brutally shot and killed at Englewood, Chicago. Two men approached her while she was sitting inside a car and shot her to death, sources reveal.

The shooting took place on Wednesday night at around 7 PM, as revealed by the Chicago Police. This is yet another incident of gun violence in the United States, killing a pregnant woman this time.

May her departed soul rest in peace.

Who Was Derricka Patrick from Chicago?

Derricka Patrick was a hairstylist who used to reside in Chicago.

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Pregnant and excited to give birth to a new life, she never imagined that two people would come and shoot her. She was sitting in her car in the 7400 block of South Vincennes Avenue when two people opened fire at her.

The 29-year-old was reported dead along with her unborn baby. She was taken to the University of Chicago Medical center where the victim was pronounced dead. Two lives were lost on the day.

Bishop check into what’s going on in Chicago right now bro it’s different! 2 14yr olds got killed and a pregnant 29yr old just died she was sitting in her car and they ran up shot her multiple times in the body and face.

— Hovain Hova (@Hova_Hovain3) January 13, 2022

Derricka Patrick Age And Husband: Know Her Family

Derricka Patrick passed away at the young age of 29.

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Her husband and family were notified of the incident as soon as she was identified. However, the police have not revealed the identity of her husband and other family members at the moment.

Unfortunately, her unborn child passed away with her. We forward our heartfelt condolences to the victim’s friends and family. May she find peace wherever she is.

they really just killed a pregnant woman who was simply sitting in her car in chicago…

— .Armani🏴 (@bbyaxo_) January 13, 2022

Find Derricka Patrick on Instagram

Derricka Patrick’s friends have given tributes to her on Instagram and Twitter.

However, the victim’s Instagram or any other social media handle remains under review for the time being. She was quite a private person when it came to sharing the spotlight.

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Also, the reason and motive behind her death are yet to be known.

Pregnant Woman Killed in Chicago: Arrests And Charges

No arrested have been made until now, according to the Chicago Police.

It has come to light that the Area 1 detectives are investigating thoroughly but they don’t have a suspect under custody just yet. Two men were identified at the scene who approached the victim in her car and shot her.

The investigation is currently underway and we will have more details soon.

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