Sherri Kramer Death: Is Bob Saget First Wife Dead? Whereabouts Now

Sherri Kramer Death: Is Bob Saget First Wife Dead? Whereabouts Now
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Sherri Kramer Death: Is Bob Saget First Wife Dead? Here are all the latest updates on her whereabouts that you should not be missing on!

Sherri Kramer is the former wife of the late comedian-actor, Bob Saget.

Though the two’s marriage was already over, the former couple maintained their friendship thus, being an iconic family duo.

As the news of the “Full House” star, Bob’s untimely death has hit the world, many of his family members, including Sherri, have intrigued the netizens about themselves.

Stay tuned to find more interesting deets about Bob’s ex-wife, Sherri Kramer.

Sherri Kramer Death: Is Bob Saget First Wife Dead?

Sherri Kramer, Bob Saget’s first wife, is not dead. Any news claiming her death is false as Sherri remains alive and thriving.

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Though she rarely makes a public appearance and interacts with the media, our close sources confirm that the celebrity relative is still alive.

She is as devasted as anyone from the Saget family as she shared a beautiful friendship with the late actor.

Despite their long-gone divorce, Sherri and Bob were friends and were good parents to their daughters.

The Kramer-Saget family was often enjoying family gatherings though Saget was married to another woman.

Sherri Kramer Whereabouts Now

Sherri Kramer has not disclosed her current whereabouts at the moment.

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She has resorted to a private way of life and does not interfere with her former husband’s public image.

Thus, any insiders into Sherri’s current whereabouts are not on display.

Sherri Kramer Age and Wiki Explored

Sherri Kramer’s current age is 65 years old as of 2022.

She was born in 1956 and celebrated her new age on August 8 every year.

Sherri and Bob are of the same age, though; it is sad news that Bob passed away due to natural causes as of January 9, 2022.

Bob’s memoir revealed that the two have been in love since high school. Thus, they turned their passion into marriage and were together from 1982 to 1997.

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Sherri has a law background as she went to the Law School at the University of Pennsylvania.

She then moved on to the bar of California in 1981 to become an attorney.

Sherri also worked as the screenwriter and writer for the TV movie “Bob Saget: In the Dream State.”

Sherri Kramer Net Worth Revealed

The former wife of Bob Saget has not given any insights into her net worth figures as of yet.

She is currently inactive in the Californian Bar; however, it is for sure that she enjoys a great deal of earnings from her previous tenure in law.

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