Shebby Singh Wife -Who Is He Married To? Ex-National Footballer Dies At 61

Shebby Singh Wife -Who Is He Married To? Ex-National Footballer Dies At 61
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Who is the wife of Shebby Singh, the former Malaysian footballer? He reportedly passed away at the age of 61. Learn about his death cause.

The acknowledged Malaysian former footballer Serbegeth Singh broadly known as Shebby Singh has passed away in early January 2022.

Reportedly, the death news of the pundit was made known by Johor Southern Tigers (JDT) through their official Facebook post just a while ago.

A native of Johor, Malaysia, the former footballer had worked as a coach as well as a sports broadcaster after he retired from the game.

Former Footballer Shebby Singh Wife: His Family

Former footballer turned pundit Shebby Singh doesn’t have a wife and is believed to be single at the occurrence of the incident.

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Details of his potential spouse haven’t come upfront with the public until this day. Henceforth, we are obligated to believe he is single.

Now that, the former footballer has passed away, having a wife or not wouldn’t matter for he has already left the world leaving everyone behind.

He had never referenced his marital status nor had he ever communicated about his relationship on the media platforms as well.

We believe he must have had some relationships which might have not worked out to take their relationship into an important step of marriage.

Irrespective of not uncovering his relationship, we can say undoubtedly he must have had at least one relationship in his life of 61 years.

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Whatsoever, as of now, we are unaware of his substantiated marital status. As of which, details with regard to his children go out of the picture.

Coming to the former footballer’s family, until this minute none of his family members and kins has spoken about his unanticipated death.

The heartwrenching news must have shocked them to the core. We cannot suffice into words what they must be going through at the moment.

Yet, we pray for his departed soul and also pray almighty God to provide the greatest strength to his loved ones at difficult times like this.

Shebby Singh Net Worth

Shebby Singh’s net worth figures remain undetermined thus far. It is estimated to be in six figures ranging between $1 and $5 million.

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He kicked off his football career at the Johor FA as a defender in 1978. The footballer played for Malaysia from 1982 to 1991.

Learn Shebby Singh’s Death Cause: What Happened To Him?

Discoursing Shebby Singh’s death cause, he is believed to have suffered a heart attack at about 7 pm while cycling in Kledang, Johor.

That being said, police officials are yet to substantiate the actual cause of his death. Since it is a recent incident, the news may be varying.


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