Shannon Agofsky and Brother Joe Agofsky Death Sentence – Banker’s Murder Case

Shannon Agofsky and Brother Joe Agofsky Death Sentence – Banker’s Murder Case


Shannon Agofsky and his brother Joe Agofsky were given life sentences while Shannon was further aggravated to death sentences after multiple assaults. Find more about the criminal duo.

The year 1989 and the date of October 6 will always be a traumatic experience for the Missouri bank and all the employees.

Their work on that day was troublesome as they found out that a large sum of money was stolen from the bank vault and the bank manager himself was reported missing.

It was in fact the work of the Agofsky brothers, including Shannon and Joe who abducted the manager Dan Short.

The poor manager was tied to a chair with concrete dead weights and tossed into a nearby river from a bridge while still alive.

His body was recovered some six days later and drowning was indexed as the actual death cause.

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Shannon Agofsky and Brother Joe Agofsky’s Death Sentence

Shannon Agofsky and his brother Joe Agofksy were given a life sentence in prison for being guilty of Dan Short’s abduction and cold-blooded murder crime.

Shannon and Joe took the manager hostage from his home while he was in deep sleep and then took him to his designated bank office.

They took out a sum total of $70000 from the Missouri bank and then brutally murdered the manager by tossing him into the river bound in a chair.

I played Joe Agofsky, who along side his brother Shannon, kidnapped a bank manager, robbed his bank, and then brutally murdered him.

It was was a fascinating role to play, having to kid nap someone from their bed, rob a bank vault, tackle the other actor and kill his character-

— Adam the Pool Builder (@AdamAlpaca) November 20, 2020

Agosky brothers were sentenced for the crime in 1992.

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But enactment and further detailing on this crime didn’t appear until 1997, the court was regularly dismissed or delayed.

One of the most crucial detail or so as to say evidence of this brutal murder was in fact a grey duct tape.

The fisherman who reported the floating dead body at the Oklahoma lake suggested that he also found a grey duct tape with it.

The tape had a preserved and nearly perfect fingerprint on it, which would later tie Shannon back into the crime.

Agofsky Brothers Indicted To Banker’s Murder Case

Agofsky brother has been tied to the murder and subjected to multiple trials throughout the late 1900s.

They were initially given a criminal verdict in 1997 and later sentenced to a lifetime in prison.

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The heinous crime unfolded after Shannon killed an inmate while in prison and then his death row was assigned.

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He was later shifted to a death sentence and was awaiting the decision in the prison.

Is Shannon Agofsky Still In Prison?

Shannon Agofsky is still in prison while his brother lost his life on March 5, 2013.

Someone stole $70,000 from a Missouri bank in 1989 and tossed the manager from a bridge GUILTY! Shannon Agofsky also killed an inmate while in the exercise cage, he stomped him to death!

— Jennifer J Bland (@BlandJJennifer) November 7, 2021

Shannon was given death sentence in 2004 after he killed another cell assigned prisoner.

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