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Sergio Lapegue Age, Wiki: Details You Need To Know About The Journalist

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Sergio Lapegue Age, Wiki: Details You Need To Know About The Journalist

Sergio Lapegue’s age has now reached 56 years old. It means that he has passed decades since he started working as a Journalist. Let’s learn more about him.

Lapegue is an Argentenian journalist. He has been serving as a presenter for Radio and TV Argentina for decades now.

Sergio Lapegue Age: How Old Is He?

Sergio Lapegue’s age has reached 56 years.

Lapegue was born on the 6th of September, 1964. His birthplace is Banfield, a town in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

During Lapegue’s young age of 20s, they worked as the manager of Los Valiants. It was a rock and roll band. Then he joined Artear in 1991. He was a production manager and assistant there.

Lapegue has been the host of Todo Noticias since 1993. It was the year when the show started. He works with Roxy Vazquez in the show.

Is Sergio Lapegue on Wikipedia?

Sergio’s Wikipedia page is available.

His Wikipedia page presents a short glimpse of his career. It is in Spanish, by the way.

Sergio was a host for TN Central, a news program for a decade since 2007. Besides, his band LapeBand reunited him with his old band boys, Javier and Hernan. The band, with seven members altogether, performed on various events.

Sergio published the book Prende el optimismo in September 2011.

Also, he has made appearances as a journalist in movies too. He starred in Arregui, The News of the Day (2001), and El Nino Pez (2009).


Sergio Lapegue Wife: Does He Have Children?

Lapegue’s wife is Silvia Lapegue.

The couple has two daughters, Micaela and Elvis.

Sergio had tested positive for coronavirus in January. He recovered after staying in hospital for three weeks. His wife and daughters thanked all his well-wishers.


What is His Net Worth?

Sergio Lapegue’s net worth is not publicly revealed yet.

Lapegue is a veteran journalist. Currently, he runs a radio program in Radio La 100. Besides, he appears in movies and television adverts.

Also, Sergio has been awarded Best Newscast at Martin Fierro Awards twice.

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