Scientist: James Kondilios Death Cause & Obituary; How Did He Die – Was He Vaccinated?

Scientist: James Kondilios Death Cause & Obituary; How Did He Die – Was He Vaccinated?


James Kondilios’s cause of death was from COVID-19. However, he was twice vaccinated and had no underlying health conditions.

James Kondilios was a talented science graduate and champion powerlifter who represented Australia at Finland’s 2015 Classic Powerlifting World Championships.

He grew up in Sydney and attended high school at Waverley College, east of the city.

After graduating from high school, James graduated with a bachelor of science degree from the Australian National University in Canberra and was awarded the 2019 national science award.

Kondilios was one of six people who died in New South Wales during the last reported period, while the others were in their 60s, 80s, and 90s.

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Scientist: James Kondilios Death Cause & Obituary

Scientist: James Kondilio’s cause of death was suffering from COVID-19. He was a 23-year-old vaccinated man who died with COVID-19 at a Sydney hospital.

The family and friends of Kondilios, who died of coronavirus at a Sydney hospital, are in shock over his tragic death. He was double vaccinated and had no underlying health conditions.

He was being treated after that, suffering from Covid-19, leaving his loved ones terrified.

James worked as a data scientist in the Department of Social Services in Canberra. In 2019 was awarded the National Science Award for his work in forestry and climate change.

At the time, the Department of Agriculture tweeted, “His efforts to plant genetic variations of eucalyptus in preparation for the 2030 and 2050 weather conditions have been honored”.

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Obituary: How Did James Kondilios Die?

James Kondilios died from testing positive to COVID-19. He was revealed as a young Canberra man who died at a Sydney hospital.

According to NSW health officials, Kondilios was a healthy athlete with no underlying health conditions, and he has been vaccinated twice.

The tribute to James has been mourned all over the internet. His beloved family and friends have tweeted over his unusual death.

Kondilios was a talented powerlifter and scientist. He was a multi-talented human being that got taken from the earth very early.

Was James Kondilios Vaccinated?

Yes, James Kondilios was vaccinated before his death. In addition, he was double vaccinated.

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Kondilios represented Australia at the 2015 Powerlifting World Championships, where he won a bronze medal.

“I could not ask for a better friend,” wrote one of James’s friends on Facebook, as wishes were posted on social media.

The school posted on social media, ‘We were proud to hear that a Waverley student was wearing a Waverley sports shirt under his official Australian tracksuit.”

“Yesterday was a reminder that this war with Covid that we have all been a part of for the past few years is not something that should be taken lightly as healthy people can be taken at a very young age,” one of Kondilios’s friends wrote.

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