Ronnie & Georgia The Block 2021 – Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Wikipedia, And Instagram

Ronnie & Georgia The Block 2021 – Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Wikipedia, And Instagram


Ronnie & Georgia are one of the contestants of an Australian TV show, The Block 2021. Ronnie, age 45, and Georgia, age 37, are considered favorites in the show.

Ronnie and Georgia were contestants of the show back in 2017. Now, the couple has returned for the new season of the Australian TV series.

Ronnie & Georgia: The Block 2021

Ronnie and Georgia had already become fan favorites since they appeared on the Elsternwick season of The Block. Now they are back for the new season, The Block 2021.

The Block is an Australian reality television series. It is broadcasted on the Nine Network.

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The couples compete against each other to renovate and style houses/apartments. After that, they sell them at auction for the highest price possible.

The seventeenth season of the show is named Fans vs Faves. The new season premiered on August 8, 2021, and is taking place in Hampton, Victoria.

Ronnie and Georgia are known for being outspoken and competitive. Back in season 13, they placed fourth in the show. 

They made a total of $161,000 from the sale of their renovated home in Elsternwick, Melbourne.    

After learning from their past mistakes, the couple is looking for a win in the new season of the show. The pair said that they have learned a lot since the last appearance on the show and are putting that experience to use. 

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Ronnie is highly experienced, having renovated homes since his early twenties. He previously worked as a real estate agent.

Georgia is also a professional renovator. Additionally, she is also a brand ambassador and television presenter.

There are many twists and turns expected in Hampton. It won’t be an easy win for the pair.

Ronnie and Georgia are currently age 45 and 37, respectively.

After four years, the pair are looking to win the show by using their skill and experience.

Ronnie & Georgia Height

Both Ronnie and Georgia’s heights are unknown.

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Anyways the couple looks perfect together.

Are Ronnie & Georgia On Wikipedia?

Ronnie and Georgia are quite popular on social media, but they do not have Wikipedia pages.

Their biography is not found on the internet except for few details. The couple is married, and as per their social media, they have four children together.

Meet Ronnie & Georgia On Instagram

Ronnie and Georgia are together on Instagram with the username @ronnieandgeorgia.

They currently have 74.8k followers on Instagram. They love sharing their family photos as they enjoy their time together.

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