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Robert Schellenberg And Famous Smuggling Case Update, Is He Getting Death Sentence?

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Robert Schellenberg And Famous Smuggling Case Update, Is He Getting Death Sentence?


Who Is Robert Schellenberg? Wiki Age And Family Facts On Smuggler

Robert Schellenberg’s smuggling incident Wiki page is available. Please read the article to know about his family and case update. 

Robert Schellenberg was confirmed on the death penalty and was detained in China in a drug case in the year 2014. He was arrested by Chinese police when the plane stopped at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Schellenberg was working as a former oil worker. 

Robert Schellenberg is a Canadian citizen accused of drugs smuggling in China. He is a native of Abbotsford, that is present in British Columbia, adjoining the Canada–United States border. 

As per The New York Times, Schellenberg is “an adventurous traveler who used his earnings collected from working in Alberta’s oil fields to pay for his travels in Asia,” per his family.

He had been traveling around Asia and Thailand. 

Robert Schellenberg Wiki

Robert Schellenberg’s name can be found on the Wiki page of Schellenberg smuggling incident

His name is also mentioned and found all over the news channel and several online sources. 

Robert Schellenberg Age- How Old Is He? 

Robert Schellenberg’s age is 37 years old. 

At the age of 36, Robert was sentenced to death in January after a court considered his previous 15-year prison sentence too lenient.

Get To Know Robert Schellenberg Family 

Robert Schellenberg’s family’s information cannot be gathered. Hence, no data can be found on his family. 

Moreover, he is a native of Abbotsford, which is located in British Columbia. This could also explain his family and parents might be living somewhere in Canada. 

His family is totally agitated after hearing the news in the media. Likewise, one of his family members has spoken to The New York Times and said, ” Schellenberg has “become a pawn. This is still a guess, but that is definitely what it looks like, and this is incredibly worrisome.”

As per what has happened, and getting caught by the Chinese authorities, proves that Robert Schellenberg is a smuggler. He was caught smuggling in China with 222 bags of methamphetamine with a net weight of 222.035 kilograms.

According to British Columbia’s online court database, “he was convicted 11 times for drug and impaired-driving offenses between 2003-2012 and served two jail terms.”

Robert Schellenberg: Death Sentence Hearing Case Update

Robert has also been arrested in China, and now the hearing of his death sentence is pending. 

According to Todays Global News, “A Chinese court has upheld the death penalty in the case of Canadian national Robert Schellenberg who was detained in China in a drug case in 2014.”

Furthermore, Canada has condemned China’s decision to uphold the death penalty sentence against Robert Schellenberg. 

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