RIP: Who Killed Tom Kolman? His Death Cause & Obituary – How Did He Die?

RIP: Who Killed Tom Kolman? His Death Cause & Obituary – How Did He Die?


One of the most puzzling questions remains the same: Who Killed Tom Kolman? he was a New York-based Physical therapist who passed away in 2011, and his death is mysterious.

New York-based physical therapist Tom Kolman’s dead body was discovered in the front seat of his car in 2011. However, the investigation is still going on.

As per the report, the police had learned that there may have been something more sinister at hand when Tom took his final breath.

Therefore, his mysterious death has been covered on the July 17 episode of Dateline and the recent update in the case will shock even the most after watching the show.

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RIP: Who killed Tom Kolman? His Death Cause & Obituary

After strict investigation, Dr.Nunez was arrested for Tom Kolman’s murder.

Tom and DR. Nunez have remained friends, and they had also exchanged a multitude of messages in the days, and after a week, Tom was found dead.

When an autopsy was conducted, authorities learned that Tom Kolman died with Midazolam in his systems. This sedation medication is mainly used by his best friend, the renowned dental hygienist Dr. Nunez.

Having been in New York City for around 20 years, Tom has lived a seemingly idyllic life so far.

He had a good job, a loving wife, Linda, and was also blessed with four children are Bradley Kolman, Jillian Kolman, Ryan Kolman, and Brooke Hines.

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However, the perfect family life all came into question in late 2011 after the mysterious death of Tom.

Although Tom’s wife Linda reached first, she was the one to find his husband’s dead body.

Read the full article to know what was the leading cause that happened to this case.

What Happened To Tom Kolman? Everything To Know About Him

As I already mentioned, Tom Kolam was died because of Midazolam in his systems which is only used by non-other than his best friend, Dr. Nunez.

Tom was 44 years old when he was passed ways. On the evening of November 29, 2011, in the Kingston Planet Fitness parking lot in Ulster County, New York, he was found dead in the front seat of his own car.

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Which after many investigations, ahs has done it, and it came to an end knowing the murderer is non-other than his own best friend, dental hygenist Dr.Nunez.

As per the report, Dr. Nunez and Linda had become intimate, which has been confirmed by Dr. Nunez.

Therefore, he sent photos to Tom that revealed the affair between them.

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