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Renee Hudson Age And Instagram: Know Her History And Criminal Record

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Renee Hudson Age And Instagram: Know Her History And Criminal Record

Renee Hudson on TikTok is trending right now all over the world. What is the reason behind her rising fame?

Hudson is a trending TikTok personality on Tiktok these days. She is recognized as a former drug abuser who is battling to walk on her sober journey.

The star is seen promoting recovery pages and helping out people who are struggling through their addiction.

TikTok Star Renee Hudson Age

Renee Hudson from California is between 50-60 years of age. 

She hasn’t mentioned her age anywhere in the media.

Furthermore, Renee is a married woman and also a mother to her three children. But in one of her TikTok videos, she has mentioned that her drug addiction tore apart her family.

She was married for 18 years and had a happy and content family. Moreover, one of her son’s name is Julian and grandson’s name is Tyson, and she quite often posts about them.



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For now, she has a boyfriend, but his identity is not revealed yet.

Meet Renee On Instagram

Renee is not on Instagram. She is just present on Tiktok.

The star has more than 262k followers and currently has 16.6 million likes on her videos.

As we go through her videos, we get that she used to be a drug abuser 13 months back. 

However, at the moment, she is battling against drug addiction and living a normal life.

Does She Have Any Past Criminal Records?

For now, we know that she was an abuser and ended up in jail for the reason of substance abuse.

She mentions that Methamphetamine made her lose her house and her family; however, she has managed to keep herself clean and sober for 13 months.



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We did not find her other criminal records as of now.

Meanwhile, she is recovering from her past addictions and uses #sobrityrocks in each of her Tiktok posts.


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