Rebecca St-Pierre: Sunwing Airlines Flight Passenger -Meet Her On Instagram

Rebecca St-Pierre: Sunwing Airlines Flight Passenger -Meet Her On Instagram


Meet Rebecca St-Pierre, the Sunwing Airlines Passenger who accepted being positive from COVID while going to the party.

Rebecca St-Pierre is a Canadian aspiring singer, songwriter, and actress.

Based in Quebec, she has released two songs on Spotify to this date and is working to make a future in the industry.

However, it is not her career or music that has brought her into the headlines.

St-Pierre is the reported girl on the Sunwing Airlines flight who revealed about the actual happening on the aviation that went to Mexico for partying.

As mentioned in ABC News, Rebecca opened up that the flight had more than 40 COVID-positive people.

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But the party organizer paid the personal nurses to get the negative reports and took all of them in the chartered flight to Mexico.

Now they wander in the place struggling to come back to Canada after multiple airlines have declined to bring them back.

Who Is Rebecca St-Pierre? Sunwing Airlines Passgener Discovered

Rebecca St-Pierre is a Quebec-based, Sunwing Airlines passenger, who was among the group of people partying on the flight.

She is a growing model and musical artist by profession.

Rebecca shared the news of the Sunwing chartered flight, where more than 40 people were COVID positive tested.

However, some applied vaseline in their nose to falsify the report while others paid the personally hired nurses to get the negative report.

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The actual footage of the plane shows that people on the plane partied in seats and cabins.

Vodka bottles and even an electric cigarette was spotted being used for the party.

St-Pierre also said that she was struggling to stay in the hotel after the airlines have denied bringing them back and is soon going out of money.

How Old Is Rebecca St-Pierre?

Rebecca St-Pierre’s age is 19 years old.

She was born in 2002 while her exact birth date is not known to the media to this date.

Although she has a few thousand followers on her Instagram, she was not covered by the media prior to this incident.

Thus, there are no further information about the lady available on the internet.

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Rebecca St-Pierre Wiki Bio

Rebecca St-Pierre doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio page.

She is not a popular internet personality and is only setting her first foot in the entertainment industry.

So, nothing much regarding her personal as well as professional journey can be found on the sites.

Meet Rebecca St-Pierre On Instagram

Rebecca St-Pierre can be found on Instagram with the username @rebeccastpierre.

Her account has more than 165k followers at the time of writing this and has made 99 posts.

The majority of her posts are related to her private life moments and experiences.

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